Mercury In Sixth House

Mercury In Sixth House

1)Before Knowing effect of Mercury In 6th House first we have to know about Mercury and 6th House.

2)6th house is one of upchaya house so when Mercury placed in 6th house it is increasing Mercury’s natural significant means native may has improved his communication ability or his speaking ability or his thinking ability. So native has good logical strength, sharp thinking mind, awesome mental strength.

3) As 6th house is also house for enemy so native use his mercury quality to victory over his enemies. Native has good argument or logic so he get success in any disputes, litigation. Overall native is capable to overcoming his enemies. This quality of Mercury make native to Just like “Ajatshatru”. So emeny may gets fear from native.
4)6th house is also house for disease. Mercury is thinking mind. When Mercury is afflicted then native thinks a lot so may be suffering from mental stress, If Mercury is afflicted by Mars, Saturn or Rahu or ketu then native may suffering from mental issues such as excitement or madness type disease. Some time its also indicating neurological problem. Mercury in 6th house, native may be self centric so it may create problem for native. Mercury in 6th house also may cause for emotional problem due to not controlling his emotions.

5)Mercury in 6th, native has good communication or speaking ability but as 6th house is also dussthan so native’s way of expressions of communication is very harsh or misbehave type. His harsh communication style creating a quarrelsome image of native. He has nature to insulting others. Actually they have criticizing behavior.
6)Mercury is karak of education or study when mercury occupy 6th house, native may be facing some problem related to study during his education.
7)If 6th house Mercury is very strong then native may be industrialist or a big business man or head of any organization.
8)Mercury in 6th is indicating native may get success in competition. He may be getting success in competitive exams or native may get any account related jobs because 6th is also a service house.
9)Mercury in 6th also cause for skin problem because Mercury belongs to skin and 6th belongs to disease.
10)Mercury in 6th house is indicating native may be argumentative.

4 thoughts on “Mercury In Sixth House

  1. My son has Capricorn ascendant and Mercury is the lord of sixth house and is also placed there along with Sun. He has lot of health problems such as poor digestion, acute constipation, unable to take decisions, very dry skin, severe gas problem. He has been recommended to wear emerald. When will his problem be solved?

  2. The Ascendant is Capricorn and its lord is Saturn. Where Saturn is posited and by what planets Saturn is aspect ed is not mentioned. 6th lord posited in the 6th house i.e. “Karaka bhava Nasaya” is applicable here, thats why the native is suffering. Furthermore other houses are to be considered carefully, specifically 11th house recovery from disease.

    The Native will have a strong enmity with his relatives, because 6th is the 3rd of 4th Bhava (own family) as said by Maharshi Parasar. The native will be benefited by the people of his environment and friend circle. His own family will be eastablished. The native will get job, standard of life will be increased.

    Other factors also to be judged to reach to any conclussion.

  3. Please suggest remedy as my lagan lord mercury being with sun and moon in 6th house.kanya lagan horescope .
    Birth time : 21:30 pm
    Birth place : Jaunpur U.P India

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