Jupiter In Sixth House

   Jupiter In Sixth House

1)Before Knowing Effect of Jupiter In 6th house we have to Know about Jupiter and 6th house.

2)6th house is a Upchaya house so when Jupiter occupy 6th house then native’s wisdom is increasing  (Jupiter is karak of wisdom). Means native may be very wise. Same time 6th house is member of trik house so it is suspicious that native use his wisdom in right direction. Jupiter in 6th house is also increasing native’s occult and Mantra knowledge but possibility that native used this power in black magic or tantra.


3)6th house is also a enemy house when Jupiter occupy 6th house, native may destroy his enemy. As Jupiter belongs to Sama (counselling) Nithi so method of crushing enemy is through his cleverness and wisdom. Weak and retro Jupiter is indicating, native may be suffering from enemy.
4)6th house belongs to disease when Jupiter occupy 6th house, native’s health may be good in general position because Jupiter is natural beneficial. Jupiter in 6th house slow down digestive fire so native may suffering from abdomen problem specially lever problem .

5)6th house is arth trikona and when Jupiter occupy 6th house, it aspects all other arth house from here. So Native may earn and deposit good wealth specially its 9th aspects on 2nd house consider good regarding wealth.
6)6th house is a service house when Jupiter occupy 6th house then native always work under others. Possibility of getting service but doesn’t got in top position or administrative power.
7)6th house also belongs to judicial system when Jupiter occupy 6th house native may be work in judicial system. If chart support then native become Jude. When Jupiter is in association with Ketu then there is strong chance of native may be Jude. Same results is also seen when Jupiter in relation with Mars.
8)If 6th house Jupiter is afflicted then it may cause for sexual excitement or attraction regarding opposite gender. It may also cause for diabetes.
9)6th house Jupiter make native to lazy in his daily routine.
10)6th House Jupiter is indicating native may be either suffering from humiliations.

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