Ketu In Sixth House

       Ketu In Sixth House


1)Before Know the effect of Ketu In 6th house first we have to know about Ketu and 6th house. So You may read this

Ketu—Destroyer Of Materialistic world—-

Sixth House—Shatru Bhav—

2)Ketu In 6th house consider best position in horoscop.

3)6th house is house for enemy when Ketu occupy 6th house then native will be vanquished all his enemy.So native may be enjoying enemy free life.

4)6th house is house for disease when Ketu occupy 6th house native may be disease free. Native have good and sound health. If ketu is ill placed in 6th house it may caused for accidents. Accidents type depanding on rashi and planet which is afflicted by ketu. For example if venus is afflicted then it may cause for vehicle accidents.Ill placed ketu In 6th house may also cause of eye disease.

5)6th house belongs to Mental strength when Ketu occupy 6th house native may have good mental strength and simultaneously Native have good Physical strength. As It is consider Ketu behave like Mars so 6th house Ketu may indicating jobs in Army, Police or Force.

6)Ketu belongs to spirituality and occult science. So When Ketu occupy 6th house native have mental strength to got Vidya of Occult science. If Saturan influence ketu then native may got black magic sidhhi.Overall Ketu In 6th native may have power to got success in Isht sidhhi. If Ketu In influence of Jupiter native may got spiritual wake up.

7)Ketu In 6th house native may got his desires and may success in getting his aim or goals. This is due to a good Physical and Mental strength.Native may got fame and honour.But native may not have good social conduct.

8)6th house Ketu may cause for misunderstanding between native and his Mamaji.

9)If Ketu is not well placed in 6th house it may cause for materialistic loss for Native.

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