Rahu In Fourth House

   Rahu In Fourth House


1)Before Knowing effect of Rahu In 4th house first we have to know about Rahu and 4th house. So you may read this

Accelerating Planet of Materialistic world Rahu—

Fourth House—Heart place of Your horoscop—–

2)In Genral way Rahu In 4th house doesn’t consider good because it effect badly regarding mind,happiness,education etc. So Rahu In 4th doesn’t consider auspicious.

3)4th house belongs to Mind and when Rahu occupy 4th house then according to its quality Rahu diverted its mind regarding materialism.Native may want more n more. They Genraly don’t satisfied which creates mental stress. Rahu In 4th makes native highly desires when this desires not completed or may be due to impossible desires native may suffering from Depression. Rahu belongs to imaginations so native have dreamer minded.Rahu In 4th house increasing emotinol level of native.
Rahu belongs to cheating so native may be cheater from mind. This means native may be cheat other or native may be cheated by other depanding on your horo. Some Rahu In 4th house also indicating breakup. It may be in love relation or may be in marrige.

4)4th house belongs to happiness and Rahu is natural Melific which comes with high desires. So native may be never satisfied from own situation which keeps away from happiness to native. All type of problem may be faced by native such as trouble in family happiness, trouble from vehicle,property,land lord etc. Native may have all type of things regarding happiness but Actualy native may not happy.

5)4th house Rahu indicating native have good in friend making due to Rahu natural quality. So native may have a lot of friends and attracts many other to friendship with native. But as per as Rahu quality native may be cheated his friends or vice-versa.

6)Rahu In 4th don’t consider good regarding Mother and Father.
If we consider 9th as father house than it is in 8th from 9th house so not good regarding Father.
As Rahu In 4th may be in dual form for Mother. It is not good regarding Mother’s health.

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