Ketu In Fourth House

   Ketu In Fourth House


1)Before Knowing effect of Ketu In 4th house first we have to know about ketu and 4th house. So you may read this

Ketu-Destroy of Materialistic world–

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2)4th house belongs to mother and Ketu is natural Melific so in Genral way ketu In 4th is not consider good regarding Mother. It may gives disattchment with mother, may be there is no good relation with mother. It may cause for separation with mother or native don’t live with mother. If ketu is weak or afflicted then native may be loss his mother. But if ketu is well placed then evil effect of Ketu may be reduced or don’t give such bad effect.

3)4th house also belongs to mother land. When ketu is placed in 4th house then native may be live away from mother land or may be lives in another house in place of own birth house. Or there may be create a situation where native leave his home land forcefully.
If ketu is not well placed Native may lose own property but if ketu is well placed then evil effect reduced. There may be disputes regarding property.

4)Ketu is destroyer of materialistic world so 4th house ketu may destroy materialistic happiness(depanding of conditions of Ketu and 4th house lord also). Its try to keeps away from materialistic world. Such as happiness from friends,relatives,vehicle,family.
If ketu in not good or weak then native friends or relatives may be corrupt or other meaning may be native may be cheated by them.

5)4th house is one of Moksh house and ketu is planet for spirituality. So 4th house ketu also indicating native may have spiritual minded. Native may have power of spirituality or may be wakeup spirituality.

6)4th house is house for mind and ketu belongs to criticsm(because ketu is power to explore inner truth) so native may be criticsm minded. Native may be habit to critise other for his faults or may be for minor mistakes or may be otherwise. If ketu is not well placed then native may be cruel.

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