Sharmili Rashi Kanya(Virgo)—Some Simple Facts

        Virgo(kanya) Rashi


1)6th Rashi of Natural zodic system
2)Lord of Rashi— Mercury
3)Nakhshatra—–Uttaraphalguni Last3pad, Hasta 4Pad, Chitra First 2pad
4)Nature– Duel
5)Element— Earthy
6)Direction— South
7)Place— Land with water,Cultivated area, Vegetation, Gardens, Artisans place, Women visited area,  Pantries, Granaries
8)Dosh— Vatta
9)Body Part– The middle Portion of Abdomen from the navel halfway down to the Public Bone
10)Heights — Medium
11)Sex— Female
12)Barren rashi
13)Animals /Fully sentient
14)Head rising Rashi
15)Vashya— MANAV(Dipad)
17)Mercury getting Excellent
18)Venus getting Debilitation
19)Also Mooltrikona rashi of Mercury From 15 to 20 degree and after that mercury own house(20 to 30 degree)
20)Friend Planet– Venus(when in Neech bhang rajyyog), Sun, Saturn
21)Neutral Planet— Venus(when in simple Neech bhang), Jupiter
22)Enemy Planet— Venus(neech),Moon, Mars
23) Behaviour—Shy,Sensitive, Attracting Smiling, Practical, Glamours, Intelligent, Slow worker, Lazy, Perfection Lover, Secrets containing Heart, Good communicator, Good Arguments(when opposed by other), Shrill voice,  Soft spoken, Artisans, Reserved Mind Individual, Lover of clean surrounding, Duty lover, Psychological problem(due to extreme sentiment. My mean when any body hearted their emotion)

24) Strong in day and tamsic in nature.

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