Modern Way Of Calculating Name Number

New and Modern Way of Finding Name Number

There are multiple way of calculating name number. Famous way are listed below

  1. Cheiro way
  2. Spherical ways
  3. Pythagoras’s ways
  4. Modern ways

But Cheiro doesn’t take number 9 which may cause major issues to mix up with other things related to birth date number. And basically his name number is co-related with Tarot card. Spherical ways give more importance to first letter of name based on Greek letter system. He is co-related to letter with planet. Pythagoras is mostly based on mathematics.

Modern way is simple and take all 9 number. And it is basically depends on significant of Number. So, today it is more popular due to lack of complex ways. We used below table to calculating Name Number.


For Example My name is Pankaj Kumar Seth. So my name number will be 7. And it is co-related with Ketu.


In the same ways, we have to calculate Popular Name Number, Karma Number, First Name Number, Middle Name Number, Surname Number, Soul Number, Childhood number. Each name number has own significant and we will discuss it, one by one in our upcoming article.

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