Phaldipika Chapter 19 Part 3

Phaldipika Chapter 19 part 3 

18)During dasha of Sun, native will accumulating wealth with help of cruelty, king, war etc. Native may be suffering from loss through fire, four legged animals, disease of eyes or abdominal or teeth. He is facing sorrows due to issues of children or wife. He is facing separations from Guru and loss of servants. He may facing loss of wealth.

19) If Moon is well placed and having good strength then native will earn profit via mantra, God, Brahman and king. He will accumulating wealth with help of women. He will getting power and position and enjoying this. He will getting comfort of cloths, ornaments or perfume and foods.

If Moon is not well placed and doesn’t having strength then native may facing opposition by wicked people. He may facing windy diseases and own loss.

20) If Mars is powerful then during dasha of Mars, native has enmity with local people. He will getting power and position and profit from king. He will getting happiness of cattle.

If Mars is not well placed and weak in strength then during Mars dasha, native may has enemity with own brothers and son. Native may be inclined towards wicked women. He has fear from fire, pitta and blood issues. He may facing loss of wealth.

21) During Rahu dasha, native’s nature may be wicked. He may facing serious incurable disease. He may facing losses due to beautiful woman. He may has fear from poison or enemy. His upper body limbs may be suffering from disease. His agriculture may be destroyed. His friendship may be break. He may be facing losses due to enmity with king.

22) If Jupiter is well placed then during jupiter dasha, native will gets good cloths and wealth. His desires will be fulfilled. He will be respected among his family and relatives. He become very rich. He will getting son and best friends. He may getting blessings from renowned great person.

If jupiter is not well placed then native may facing separation from Guru. He may facing ear related issues. He may suffering from disease related to cough.

23) If Saturn is well placed then during dasha of Saturn, native will getting profit from sorrows or difficulties or war in country. He will getting help from servants or old ladies or animals.

If Saturn is not well placed then during dasha of saturn, native will suffering sorrows due to child or wife. He may facing issues due to windy disease or cough disease or piles related disease. His legs or hand has suffering from burning sensation.

24)  Mercury is well placed then during dasha of Mercury, native will getting highly recommended degree. He will getting profits via brahman. He will getting profit of land,cow and vehicles. He will getting blessings by public and doing puja of god. His desires regarding wealth and attacks on others will be full fill.

If Mercury is not well placed then, native is suffering from diseases related to dry and hot weather and cold and cough.

25) During dasha of ketu, native may be suffering from sorrows, confusion, issues from women, issues from boss, loss of wealth, crime, change of native land. Native may be suffering from legs and teeth. He may be suffering from excess cough issues.

26) During dasha of Venus, native may be getting from profit from women, ornaments, gems stone. He has getting prosperity. He has getting profit. He has getting comfort of bed and bed. He has getting profit from  business or trading. He has getting profit from foreign trading.

If Venus is not well placed, native may be suffering from separation from Guru, native may be suffering from relatives, suffering from mental stress.

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