Timing Of Promotion

Timing Of Promotion

Promotion simple meaning is growth in professional status with some hike in salary. So according to astrology it is indicating involvement of wealth(2nd house), hike in status(11th house), profession(10th house), jobs or daily profession(6th or 7th house).  So now i try to suggest some possibility regarding promotion.

1)  Any rajyog is activated during current dasha, which has involvement of above house (2nd, 6th or 7th, 10th, and 11th house). Some time 9th house and 5th house always able to give promotion.

2) During dasha-antardasha-pratantardasha of  above house lord.

3)When saturn and jupiter during transit has maximum ashtakvarga rekha. This is indicating year. Now during that period when sun transit to a sign where sun has maximum number of ashtakvarga rekha, native may gets promotion that month.

4) During sudarshan chakra house activation method 11th house(direct or indirect way) is activated and house which is activated has more than 30 SAV.

5) Saturn is natural karak of profession and jupiter is karak of growth when both are aspecting sun then native may be getting promotion.

6) Saturn is transit over natal venus or trine from natal venus or from 7th from venus and same time jupiter is transit trine from venus or 7th from venus then promotion is possible.

7)  Jupiter is transit over natal Sun or aspects natal sun and same time saturn is making relationship with  trine or 7th from natal venus.

8)Jupiter is transit over natal saturn or aspects natal saturn.

9)Jupiter is transit over natal venus or aspects natal venus may gives hike in salary.


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