How To Determine Profession Of Native

There is So many method to determine Profession, for accuracy we follow all. Not so much lengthy Calculations so not so much time consuming. 

Step 1

1) Let’s check which planet is associated with 10th house. Means 

Planet in 10th house

Planet aspected 10th house 

Sign in 10th house 

Which sign 10th house lord goes

Planet aspected and associated with 10th house lord. 

We have to check this all from lagan, Moon and Sun chart. 

Step 2 

1) Look 10th house lord is goes to which sign in Navansh chart, according to that sign significant Profession may be possible. 

2) also look which planet is associated with that sign and their lord. It is also giving impact on profession.

Step 3

1)The planet which has Higher degree in chart will be Atmakarak. The depositor sign of Atmakarak planet is know as Karkansh lagan, that sign may also gives indication regarding profession.

Step 4 , final and very important

1) Look Saturn in which sign, profession may according to that sign.

2) Which planet is Conjunction with Saturn. 

3)Which planet is aspected Saturn from 7th house.

4)Which planet is trine from saturn.

5) which planet is 2nd and 12th from Saturn.

7)Where depositor of Saturn goes and that sign significant.

8)Which planet is placed 10th from saturn.

According To above significant we can know Person profession. 

Step 5 

The planet which had Higher Astakvarga may decide his profession. 

Let’s look example chart. 

Navmasa Chart  

Atmakarak is Mercury. 

Ok let’s following step by step 

Step 1 

From lagan

1)10th house had Taurus sign and Rahu is their and aspected by 4th and 9th house lord Mars. Venus in 12th house and associated with lagnesh Sun and 2nd and 3rd house lord Mercury and aspected by 6th and 7th house lord Saturn from 3rd house. 

We can say that Native profession may be go away from home land for profession and may be involved in education or communication related work. He may has good name and fame in forigen place. He may has unstable type of profession and may be involved in some type of fishing activities. 

From Moon 

10th house lord Saturn is placed in 7th house in exaltation sign with lagan and 8th house lord and aspected by 4th house lord. 

10th house has aspected by Sun as 5th house lord, Venus as 2nd and 7th house lord, Mercury as 3rd and 6th house lord. 

We can say Native may goes to far away place for his profession, he has involved in some sorts of teaching Others, he may be earn by occult knowledge or some sort of advice related activities. 

From Sun 

10th house has Moon as lagan lord, aspected by 7th and 8th house lord Saturn from 4th house and 10th house lord and 5th house lord Mars. 

10th house lord goes to 4th house with 7th and 8th house lord Saturn and aspected by Moon as lagan lord. 

We can say that native may do own work. He may be involved in occult related teaching.  His profession may be unstable type. 

Native may be go away from home land or do Import and Export related jobs or may be teaching line or occult related jobs or advisior or communication.

Step 2.

1)Venus in Scorpion Sign which is indicating occult related jobs.

Saturn in Aquarish sign which is indicating earning by own self industry or jobs or by own efforts.

Mars in Taurus sign which is indicating earning via oral knowledge. 

We can say that Native may be doing own work of occult related jobs in which he may be using his oral qualities.

Step 3 

Atmakarak is Mercury and placed in Navansh of Pisces sign and aspected by own Lord Jupiter. So Native may earn by Jupiter matters such as teaching, Astrology, religious activities.

Step 4

1)Saturn in sign of libra means bussines

Saturn with Mars means technical jobs

2nd from saturn is Ketu so occult related jobs.

Jupiter is retro so we take it 2nd from Saturn so religious or teaching jobs.

Moon is aspected Saturn so may be traveling or unstable or mental work.

10th from Saturn is Sun, Venus and Mercury so get very high post in profession life, may related with women or communication or writing or advice. 

Step 5

Jupiter and Mercury has Higher Astakvarga so profession related to Jupiter and Mercury. 

Actually Native is a Astrologer. He has good name and fame. He may also earn via his website (communication and writing) and by teaching Astrology and by consultancy. 

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