Phaldipika Chapter 3 Part 3

Effect Of Drekkana 

Bad Drekkana 

Ayudh Vrit –

3rd or last drekkana of Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, Libra, Gemini

1st drekkana of Sagittarius, Aries

2nd or mid drekkana of Gemini and Virgo Sign.

Pasha – 2nd drekkana of Scorpion is known as Pasha drekkana. 

Nighad drekkana – 1st part of Capricorn is known as Nighad drekkana. 

Greedh drekkana – 1st Drekkana of leo and Aquariush sign and 2nd part of Libra sign.

Pankshi – 3rd or last drekkana of Taurus is known as Pankshi drekkana.

Shukar Mukha or Kola – 1st drekkana of Cancer sign is known as Shukar Mukha. 

Sarpha – 1st drekkana of Scorpion, 3rd drekkana of Pisces and Cancer Sign is known as Sharp Drekkana.

Chtuspad drekkana – Aries and Taurus 2nd drekkana, Leo 1st drekkana and Scorpion 3rd drekkana is known as Chtuspad drekkana.

Then person born under above drekkana may be poor, cruel, facing blaming, suffering from financial crisis. Means lagan falls in above drekkana. 

Name of drekkana based on Nature of sign 

For Movable –  

1st is Shubh(Auspicious)

2nd is Sam (Neutral)

3rd is Adham (Inauspicious).

For Fixed sign – 

1st is Adham (Inauspicious)

2nd is Auspicious (Shubha)

3rd is Sam (Neutral) 

For Dual Sign – 

1st is Adham (Inauspicious)

2nd is Sam(Neutral)

3rd is Shubh (Auspicious) 

All above are only applied for Drekkana results. But if lagan is Vargottam, lagnesh and their sign lord is strong then it will gives good results.

Note : If any planet is weak in strength and placed in  Pasha or Nighad drekkana then it will cause for jail or such type of condition.

If Drekkana lord is placed in own house, associated with auspicious planet or goes to excellention or friendly sign then negative effects may be reduced. 

If Lord of D30, or D12 or D1 or Hora lord is strong then Native will be virtuous, having good conduct, long lived, libreal, rich, famous, to royal and having good Son. 

Mandi Connection with Lagan 

1)Sign lord of Mandi

2)Lord of Navansh depositer of Mandi, where placed in D1

3) Sign where Mandi is placed

4) Lord of Navansh lord of Gulika placed in which sign 

Lagan may be situated either above of sign or trine from them. 

If Moon is strong then we can used this from Moon.

Moon in placed in own drekkana, excellention or friend drekkana then Native will be charming, attractive and virtuous. 

If Moon is goes to another drekkana will gives results of his drekkana lord also regarding looks and behavior.

If any planet in D30 char in own house or Mooltrikona or excellention will gives full results according to own natural significant. 

If any planet in D1 in excellention and aspected by own friend planet then native will be rich and king according to their strength.  Specifically if in D30 chart above condition also satisfied then we can say above results also.

Awastha Of Planet 

Planet in own excellention will be Pradipta Awastha.

Planet in Mooltrikona will be Sukhit. 

Planet in own house will be Swasth. 

Planet in friendly sign will be Mudit. 

Planet in Auspicious varga will be Shant. Planet in away from Sun will be Shakta.

Planet defeat in Grah yudh then it is called Nipridh. 

Planet placed in Paap varga is called Khal. 

Planet placed in enemy house will be Dukhit.

Planet placed in debilating sign then Atibheet. 

Planet is combust with Sun then Vikal. 

The effect will be reduced According to sequence. Means Pradeept awastha is very auspicious and Vikal is very inauspicious. 

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