Bal, Kumar, Yuva, Vridh And Mrit Awastha Of Planet

 There are 5 awastha of Planet each awastha of 6°. Sequence of awastha are opposite for odd and even sign.

For Odd Sign 

In odd sign sequence of awastha start from Bal and end at Mrit awastha.

0° to 6° – Bal awastha

6° to 12° – Kumar awastha

12 to 18° – Yuva awastha

18° to 24° – Vridh awastha

24 to 30° – Mrit awastha.
For Even Sign 

In Even sign sequence of awastha start from Mrith and end at Bal awastha. 

0° to 6° – Mrith awastha

6 to 12° – Vridh awastha

12 to 18° – Yuva awastha

18 to 24° – Kumar awastha

24 to 30° – Bal awastha.
Effect of Awastha 

It is considered that effect of awastha according to their name. According to Parasara effect of awastha during dasha of planet is

Bal awastha – 25% 

Kumar awastha – 50%

Yuva awastha – 100%

Vridh awastha – 12% 

Mrit awastha – 0% 
Let’s take a Example chart.

In above chart Sun in Even sign @ 16° so Sun is belong to Yuva awastha.

Moon in Mrit awastha, Mars in Kumar awastha, Mercury in Kumar awastha, Jupiter in Yuva awastha, Venus in Bal awastha, Saturn in Yuva awastha.

4 thoughts on “Bal, Kumar, Yuva, Vridh And Mrit Awastha Of Planet

  1. Sir my Saturn is in vridh awastha conjugated with a Jupiter in yuva awastha in 2nd house for an Aries ascendant should I expect good or bad results from my Saturn during its maha dasha which comes after the Jupiter at no.3 .one more thing my Jupiter is not retrograde but Saturn is plzz tell ne some thing about it for further details Hera are my birth details , dob- 12/sept/2000 ,time 7:59pm ,place : darbhanga Bihar ,male .sir I I’d be really great full to u if u help to get rid of my fear and misunderstandings

  2. My birth on 4.7.1953 Mumbai at 9.51am. My Venus is in Taurus 4 degrees mrit avastha doing malviya you. Please find UPAY because of Venus mrit avastha I am not getting positive results in my profession. I am not becoming rich please help me out

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