Saturn In Aries Sign

          Saturn in Aries sign

1)Before knowing effect of Saturn in Aries sign first we have to know about Lord of Misfortune Saturn and Aries Sign. Aries sign is 1st house of kalpurush and Saturn is placed here so you may read Saturn in first house. Saturn is lord of 10th and 11th house of kalpurush and placed in 1st house of kalpurush so you may read 10th house lord in 1st house and 11th house lord in 1st house.

2)Now let’s we know from different classical book regarding Saturn in Aries sign

Brihat Jatakam

When Saturn in Aries sign native will be fool, traveller, cheater, and without friends.


When Saturn in Aries in birth chart Native will be suffering from addictions and hard labour. He will be try to making hypocrisy for doing frauds. He will be hates own relatives.He will be cruel, wicked, very talkative, lower standard or mean, poor and ill dressed man. He will has ill temper, doing worst acts, will be greedy, inimical for own people, jealous, with out any kindness and sinful in nature.

Saturn in Aries sign in horoscope produces an mean and ill dressed man. He will be suffering from anxiety, pain and hard working. He is a cheater whose words are harsh and corrupte. He will be poor man who gives reviles and hates the good. He is jealous, dishonest, cruel, irascible man who delights in evil gossip. He will obtaing treasure from vilest acts. He will destroy his allies and relatives.

3)Saturn in Aries sign is indicating native may be fickle from mind. He may be suffering from negativity. He doesn’t has good concentration. He will be interested in bad or immoral acts. He may be destroyer from mentality. He may be shameless. He may be suffering from misfortune. 

4)Saturn in Aries sign indicating native may be very hard worker.But he may not gets results of his hard work. He has to struggle hard in his professional life.He may be popular as base man in society. He may be suffering from disappointment regarding government.

5)Saturn in Aries sign is indicating native may be very materialistic upto greedy level. He always interested in money making in any ways moral or immoral. Native may have friendship with base man. His elder brother may be suffering from health problems.

6)If you want to know more about Saturn then you may read this link.

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