Saturn In Sagittarius Sign

       Saturn In Sagittarius Sign

1) Before knowing the effect of Saturn in Sagittarius Sign first we have to know about  Saturn  and Sagittarius Sign. Sagittarius sign is 9th house of kaalprush and Saturn is placed here so you may read Saturn in 9th house. Saturn is lord of 10th and 11th house of kaalprush and placed in 9th house of kaalprush so you may read 10th house lord in 9th house and 11th house lord in 9th house.

2)Now let’s we know from different classical book regarding Saturn in Sagittarius Sign

Brihat Jatakam

When Saturn is placed in house of Jupiter means either Sagittarius Sign or Pieces sign  Native may gets happy ending of life. He may gets faith or blessing from king’s home. He gets best children, best wife and good wealth. He will be leader of Town,Villages or forces.


When Saturn is placed in Sagittarius Sign in horoscope native will be skillful in behaviour, intelligence, education,meaning of vedic knowledge, learnings (vidhya),and having good mentality. He is famous for his virtuous children. He is good in doing own social rightness responsibility. He has good morality. He gets happy ending. He is getting blessing of goddess laxmi in last part of his life. He gets good prosperity and honour at last part of life. He is speaking less. He has many children. He will be soft in nature.


When Saturn is placed in Sagittarius Sign Native will be soft man who speaking little and  getting rejoice in acting according to his dharma. He knows the meaning of scared tradition(shruti). He also has intelligence and judicial procedure knowledge. He knows well how to speaking about affairs. He has great fame. He is renowned on earth and obtaing honour due to various noble quality of sons. He obtaining his property first due his sadhubad( good moral quality). He accuries wealth at end of his life and very prosperous at last.

3) Saturn in Sagittarius Sign indicating native will be knowledgeable in vedic sastra or traditional knowledge. He may has conflicts with father. Native is wealthy and accumulating good wealth. But it may be possible after some time or late or initial struggle. 

4)He may gets status just like king. He has good reputation in society or having good fame. He may be successful in his professional life. He may goes to forigen place. He may be good from heart.

5) He may be gets blessing from authority. He may gets good education. He may gets traditional and modern both learnings. He may have good religious faith.

6)If you want to know more about Saturn then you may read this link.

2 thoughts on “Saturn In Sagittarius Sign

  1. Dear Astrologer,
    Happy to contact you. I have read your article about the effects of Saturn placed in Dhanusu (For me 10th place from my Meena lagna). You have predicted so much positive effects for this position. It gives more positive thinking about my Future. Now I am aged 57(dob:15Nov59) and appealing CA Final 2nd group exam in Nov17.
    Thanks for all your positive predictions. I am thinking of meeting u in future. I am in Chennai.
    Thank you,
    P. Balan

  2. Dear Seth Sahib,
    Mine is Jul’ 59. Saturn in Retrograde (Vakri) with Simhanamsa. Will there be any difference in this prediction/s? I left India in ’87, will this be the reason?

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