Purb Bhadrapad Nakhshatra Two Shaded Personality

Purva Bhadrapad

1)25th Nakhshatra

2)English Name—-Alpha Pegasi

3)Position — 20degree Aquarius to 3degree20minutePisces

4)Rashi Lord– First 3pad Saturn and Last 4th pad Jupiter

5)Ruling Lord–Jupiter

6)Diety– Ajaikapada(One form of Lord Rudra)

7)Symbol– The Front Part(Two legs) of a Funeral Cot/ A man with Two faces

8)Varna–Brahman but in Kundali Matching first 3pad is Shudra and Last 4pad is Brahman

9)Vashy–First 3pad is Manav(Dipad) and Last 4thpad is Jalachar



12)Enemy Yoni–Elephant(Gaj)










22)Lucky Letter–S and D

23)Lucky colour–Silver Grey

24)Bad Nakhshatra(23th)–Purb Ashada

25)Most Comfortability– Dhanista

26)Most UnComfortability– Bharni, Revathi

27)Vipat Nakhshatra(3rd)–
Mercury Ruling –Revathi, Ashlesha, Jyestha

28)Pratyari Nakhshatra(5th)– Venus ruling — Bharni, Purbphalguni, Purbashada

29)Vadha Nakhshatra(7th)– MOON RULING– Rohni, Hasta, Sharavana

30)Friend Nakhshatra– Mars and Rahu Ruling–Mrigsira, Adra, Chitra, Swati, Dhanista, Shatbhisha

31)Behavior — Peace Loving, Religious and good morality, Principled, Honest, Practically, Idealistic approach towards Life, Knowledgeable, Supernaturalism and Occult lover, Protectiveness, Secretive , Contradictory behavior, spiritual, Religious, Dramatic, Adventurous, violent.
One negative behavior which Genraly shows by this Nakhshatra is indicating by there symbol two faced man. So they are simultaneously shows two behaviour one face is very polite, genteel, soft and kindly other face is very violent, dangers and destructive. And they Usaley switch between them according to surrounding and demand. They are prove very harmful for other if they used there knowledge to unsocial activity(also used there Supernaturalism and Occult knowledge to harming other/wrong work)

32)Profession — Administrative service, Teacher,Business,Scientific research, Writing, Astrology, Astronomy, Scripture analysis, Militant, Secret activity, Secret agent, Criminal, Mafia, Terrorist sleeper cell, Spiritual activist.

हिन्दी मे पढ़ने के लिए लिंक पर क्लिक करे ।

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