Sharavana Nakhshatra Blessing From Maa Saraswathi



1)22th Nakhshatra

2)English Name–α(Alpha)Aquile or Altair

3)Position–10degree Capricorn to 23degree20minute Capricorn

4)Rashi Lord– Saturn

5)Ruling Lord—Moon

6)Deity– Lord Vishnu also Goddess Saraswathi

7)Symbol– An ear or Three Foot prints in an uneven Row

8)Varna– Mlecchas but in Kundali Matching Vaishy

9)Vashya– Jalachar


11)Enemy Yoni–Mesh(Sheep)




15)Lucky Letter–Kh

16)Lucky Colour–Light Blue








24)Bad Nakhshatra(23th)–Anuradha

25)Most Comfortability– Purbashada

26)UnComfortablity–Krittika, Pushya

27)Vipat(3rd)Nakhshatra– Rahu Ruling–Shatbhisha, Adra, Swati

28)Pratyari(5th)Nakhshatra– Saturn ruling Nakhshatra– UttaraBhadrapad, Pushya, Anuradha


29)Vadha(7th)Nakhshatra– Ketu Ruling Nakhshatra– Ashwani, Magha, Mula

30)Friend(8th,9th)Nakhshatra– Venus and Sun ruling Nakhshatra– Bharni, Krittika, Purbphalguni, Uttaraphalguni, Purbashada, Uttarashada

31)Behavior– Sharavana symbol is ear which indicating good quality of hearing and learning. It also indicating Gossip nature.They belive in hearing and this attitudes some times creating misunderstanding.
This Nakhshatra is related to goddess Saraswathi this indicating Knowledge in education, Experts in various art form just like music, Dance, acting and other art form. Good adviser and helping nature through own knowledge and immense wealth of knowledge.
Lord vishnu is deity of Nakhshatra that’s indicating Intelligence,Extremely religious, Responsible and sincere to there duty, Fair and intelligent dealing quality, Large hearted, Kindness, Cleverest, Peace lover and try to setup peace in surrounding.
Ruling lord is Moon that’s indicating Sweetness in talks and neatness in work, Hyper sensitive, Overly open minded, Honest, helping nature through there knowledge, Multi tasking capacity, ability to connect mass.
Saturn is rashi lord that’s why they are hard worker, Extremely conscious regarding there work, Disciplined(set principles to own life and try to following this strictly), Ancient scripture /knowledge lover, Debate nature(Tark Bitark ), Jealous nature, selfishness and adamancy regarding there knowledge,
Apart from this they are very truthful upto highest limits such way they don’t compromise in any matter regarding truthfulness.

33)Profession — Engineer, Medical, Science, Art form of education, Any education line such as teacher, school etc, Oil and petroleum related work, Astrology, Religious scholars, Politicians, Geologist, News broadcaster, Recording, Story tellers, Speaker, etc.

हिन्दी मे पढ़ने के लिए लिंक पर क्लिक करे ।

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