Cancer Ascendant According To Classical book


Cancer ascendant people are under control of his women. He has fatty neck. He will be surrounded by many friends. He will have many houses. He will have elevated buttocks. He will be wealthy. He will be short in height. He has crooked mentality. He will be very fast in walking. He will be intelligent. He will be very interested in playing  with water. He will have few children.

Jatak Parijat 

The person born in Cancer Ascendant will have enough foods, clothes and jewelry. He has soft voice. He will be fraudulent from mind. He will be religious. He will be fatty in look. He will be inclined towards others house.


The person born in Cancer Ascendant will be not enough internal strength. He has many residence. He will be fickle minded. He will be learned. He will be intelligent. He will be very fraud. He will be suffering from disease of anus. He will destroy his enemies. He will be crooked from inner heart. He will be sensual. He will be honored Brahman and God. He will be inclined towards charity. He will be religious. He will be suffering from phlegmatic (kapha) related dosh. His physique is just like women ( I think soft like women). He will have good qualities. His younger siblings may be girl. He doesn’t like to see his relatives. He has few children. His family may be critiseing in nature. He has many thoughts. He will have wicked women. He will be enjoying others fortune. He will be very rigid in nature. He will be traveling to foreign place. He has good passions. He will doing daring acts. He will be earn through water related products. He will be enjoying happiness of women, ornaments, clothes and convenience & comfort.


Cancer ascendant’s native is timid by nature and kind from heart. He will be lives in many places. He is intelligent man but fickle from mentality. He is internally crooked. He worships and gives gifts to gods and Brahman.

He is a wise man. He will be suffering from diseases of the genitals. He carries collections of stone-weights and merchandise. He will be slow person regarding activities. He enjoys expenses of other people’s money. a man engaged in righteousness (dharma) who is of a phlegmatic and windy humour;

He will get honoured among tribes and speaks a lot. He will be sensual
but has a bad wife. His wife is wicked and he has unsuitable family. His few sons are depraved and his relatives have ruined characters.
He is father of daughters. He has many enemies. He is always wears protection clothes for battle. He travels in foreign lands. His action are bold and firm.He will be possessing an endless number of buffaloes, herbs,women,ornaments, clothes, and vehicles.
He may dies because of demons, dogs, Chandalas, Pishach, low people, ropes, the breaking of
bones, wind diseases, thefts, and faults, or from an excess of phlegm, or from the cutting down of his body, or from a fistula in the anus (bhagandara).
Vridha Yavanjatak 

People who have Cancer Ascendant, he will be lovers of righteousness. He will be justice lover. He is taking stress regarding imagination of disease. Some time he may be imagine incurable disease. He will be fortunate. He has desire of sex. He will be constant thinker. He will be inclined towards serving. He will be dear to his elder or Guru.

Bhavratna Ratnakar 
1. Jupiter doesn’t produce cause any Rajyyog but in same ways for Capricorn ascendant Mercury will able to produce Rajyyog.
Logic – For Cancer Ascendant Jupiter is 9th house lord and same time 6th house lord. Also Mooltrikona sign of Jupiter in placed in 6th house. So Jupiter period may be indicating both good and bad results(bad results such as debits and disease or enemies).

But in case of Capricorn ascendant Mercury is both 6th and 9th house lord but here 9th house has Mooltrikona and excellent sign of Mercury. So in case of Capricorn 9th house lord Mercury dasa is fruitful.

2. Mars is a yogakaraka for Cancer Ascendant.

Logic- Mars is lord of 5th and 10th house.
3. Venus may produce yog if Venus is placed in 2nd house in Leo sign and 12th house in Gemini Sign. Venus placed in other places is not produce yog.

Logic –  Venus is 4th and 11th house lord and placed in 2nd house though it is in inimical Sign but it is good for wealth and prosperity.

Venus in 12th house is consider good and in case of Cancer Ascendant it is in friend Sign Gemini where it is indicating a luxurious life.
4. If Mars, Jupiter and Moon are in Leo, with Sun and Venus in Scorpio, the native will become wealthy and fortunate.

Logic – Mars is yogkarak and 5th and 9th lord and Jupiter is 9th house lord and Moon is 1st house lord so its produce good wealth and Rajyyog. Also this will be improved if Sun and Venus in 5th house because Sun and Venus is creating dhan yog. Also Sun and Mars are exchange and creating dhan yog.
5. If Mercury and Venus are in Scorpio, Mercury promise fortune during its dasa. 

Logic –  Actually Mercury is consider good in Scorpion Sign and it is placed in 5th house. Also it is with Venus which is 4th and 11th house lord so Mercury dasha is consider good regarding money matters and convenience of native.
6. If Mercury, Venus and Moon are in Gemini, Jupiter in Cancer and Sun in Aries, the result is a maha rajayoga and will definitely make the native a king.

Logic – This is a special rajyyog name as Maharaja yog according to Brihat Jatakam.
7. If Sun and Mars are in Aries, the native will always be wealthy. Death results during the Jupiter dasa.

Logic –  Sun is excellent in 10th house with 10th house lord which is making Dhan yog.
8. If Mercury and Venus are in Gemini sign in 12th house, Venus dasa will prove fortunate.

9. A Jupiter-Moon conjunction in lagna will make the native famous and fortunate.

Logic – Jupiter and Moon combination is making famous Gajakesari yog where Jupiter is excellent and Moon is in own house and Jupiter and Moon combination is also making Rajyyog due to 1st and 9th house lord combination.
10. When Moon is in lagna,rajayogas are produced when either Mars is in
Capricorn, Saturn is in Libra, or Sun is in Aries.

Logic – Moon in lagan means 1st house lord in 1st which is consider good. Again if in supporting  Mars in Capricorn means Mars is excellent in 7th house and making panchmahapurus yog. Same with Saturn in 4th house in his excellent sign or Sun in Aries sign in 10th house.
11. When there’s a combination of Sun and Mercury in lagna, Venus in Libra, and Moon-Mars-Jupiter in Taurus, the native becomes bankrupt during the Sun dasa,
while other dasas will be good.

12. If Mercury and Jupiter are in Taurus, and Saturn and Rahu are in Scorpio, the native enjoy dips in holy rivers like the Ganga during the Rahu dasa.

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