Ketu In Aquarius Sign

       Ketu In Aquarius Sign 

1)Before knowing the effect of Ketu in Aquarius Sign first we have to know about Ketu and  Aquarius Sign. As Aquarius Sign is 11th house of kalpurush and ketu is placed here so you may read Ketu in 11th house.

2)Now let’s we know from different classical book regarding Ketu in Aquarius Sign 

Bhirgu Nadi 

When Ketu in Aquarius Sign in birthchart native may be in such a point of life circle where he ready to gets liberation. He has suffering from problems in his legs. He has danger from water. It may possible at last stage of life may settled place near to holly water. He doesn’t has friends. He doesn’t expect any profits for his deeds. He may suffering losses in his business. He may facing losses or danger from west direction. He has broad minded so he may frequently cheated by his friends.

3)Ketu in Aquarius Sign makes native very spiritual. He is very broad minded. He is very independent by nature. He may loves traveling. He may inclined towards traditional knowledge. He may get hidden knowledge.

4)Ketu in Aquarius Sign indicating it may seems native has a lots of friends. But native is very alone from inner heart. He may be intelligent and good behavior. He may get good name and fame and reputation.

5)Ketu in Aquarius Sign indicating native may has nature to accumulate wealth. He has tendency to hoarding wealth. He may be speculative. If ketu is in good condition then he may earn through lottery, horse riding, stock market, etc. If not well placed in horoscope then it may cause losses due to above matters.  He may get profits through religions or spirituality. It may also possible his ways of getting profits is out of the track. 

6)Ketu in Aquarius Sign indicating native may has disputed marrige life. It may cause mental stress. It may also not consider good regarding child birth.

7)If you want to know more about Ketu you may read this link.

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