Saturn In Pisces Sign

        Saturn In Pisces Sign

1)Before  Knowing effect of Saturn in Pisces Sign first we have to know about Lord of Misfortune Saturn  and Pisces Sign. Pisces Sign is 12th house of kalpurush and Saturn is placed here so you may read Saturn in 12th house. Saturn is lord of 10th and 11th house of kalpurush and placed in 12th house of kalpurush so you may read 10th house lord in 12th house  and 11th house lord in 12th house.

2)Now let’s we know from different classical book regarding Saturn in Pisces Sign
Brihat Jatakam

When Saturn is placed in house of Jupiter means either Sagittarius Sign or Pieces sign  Native may gets happy ending of life. He may gets faith or blessing from king’s home. He gets best children, best wife and good wealth. He will be leader of Town,Villages or forces.

When Saturn is placed in Pisces Sign native will likes doing rituals or sacrifices. He is skillful in craftsmanship or architecture. He is chief among relatives and friends. He is peaceful in nature. He is expert in increasing wealth. He is good policy maker. He is try to testing gems. He will be inclined towards behavior according to Dharma. He is polite in nature. He is modest. He will gets power and position in later stage of his health.

Saturn in Pisces Sign produce a man who is best among his relatives, family and friends. He is peaceful and honorable person who do sacrifices. His efforts is good in the science and in the crafts. He has good conduct, rightness, occupation and truth. He is examiner of all sorts of jewels. He is a well mannered person who has endless good quality.  He has huge wealth but he suffers in later stage from misfortune.


3) Saturn in Pisces Sign indicating native may has a lots of expenses. He may expenses more than his earnings. His profession may belong to foreign matters or having outcasts profession. He may be skillful in  his profession. But he may suffering from humiliation in his professional life.
4)Saturn in Pisces Sign may cause ill health to native. He may be suffering from disease. His body may has more temperature in comparison of general. He may be lazy. He may be suffering from sleeping problems such as less sleeping or dreaming or head pain. He may be suffering from eye sight.
5) He may be interested In secret or outcast acts. He may be spiritual. He may doing charitable acts. He has to expense on government. He has good social behavior and very practical. He has friendship with foreigner.
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