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Venus In Seventh House

 Venus In Seventh House


1)Before Knowing effect of Venus In 7th House we have to know about Venus and 7th House. So you may read this

Seventh House—Dara Bhav—-

Lord of Kaliyug wealth Venus—


2)7th House belongs to Lifepartner(Husband/wife) and venus belongs to beauty so when Venus occupy 7th House native wife may be beautiful,faithful and royal. Wife loves native very much.

3)7th House belongs to Kaam Kona and Venus is natural karak of Kaam(sexuality). So when Venus occupy 7th House native may be very sexual. Native may have many sexual desires.If venus is afflicted in 7th House then native may go for illegal way to satisfied for his hidden desires speaicly if this affiliation is by Mars(Mars is karak of action when its give strength to venus then native go for fulfillment of his hidden desires)

4)7th House also belongs to Marak house as Venus is natural benific so if venus is strong then it may be good for native. But as Venus is afflicted then it may cause for sexual disease to native. Venus is also karak of vehicles so afflicted venus speaicly through Mars may cause for vehicles accidents and it may be cause for may injuries or death of native.

8)7th House is Karak of wife(life partner) and Venus is Karak planet of Wife so according to Rule “Karko Bhav Nasay” it is not good regarding Native wife’s Life. A afflicted Venus in 7th House cause for ill health of Wife or death of Wife.If venus in dual sign then it may have indication of More than one marrige(there is always other condition is applicable here).

9)Venus in 7th House aspects on 1st house so its impact native physical constitutions means Native May be beautiful or handsome, Native have attractive personality which attracts people speaicly opposite gender.Native May be sweet and attractive nature.Native May be Materialistic nature.

10)7th House is Bhavat Bhavam for 4th house(means 4th from 4th house). 4th house belongs to happiness and Venus in 7th House indicating native enjoying happiness which venus indicating(Luxuriousity,Sexual matter,drinking speaicly soft,vehicles etc).

11)7th House belongs to partnership in profession so venus in 7th indicating native May be success in partnership with women(venus is female planet) or may be helped by Women in profession(7th is also 10th from 10th house(house for profession)).

12)7th House is Bhavat Bhavam for 10th house so venus in 10th house also indicating native May be successful in arts,music,dancing,acting. If a strong saturan(Karam karak) make relation with venus in 7th House then native May be successful in cinema or film industry.If Venus is afflicted badly by saturan then native May be in trouble by his artisan quality.

13)If Venus in 7th House afflicted By Mars then native May be gambler or inclined towards gambling.

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