Mercury In Ninth House

Mercury In Ninth house


1)Before Knowing Effect of Mercury In 9th we have to know about Mercury and 9th house so you may read this

Ninth house—Your Fortune Place—

Prince Of Planet–Mercury—

2)9th house belongs to Father so when Mercury placed in 9th house it is indicating native have friendly relation with his father(Mercury represent Friendship).

3)9th house belongs to religion and Mercury is our thinking mind so its indicating native may be religious minded.Native may following traditional or family religious rituals.

4)Mercury is karak of communication and speech and it is placed in house of fortune from where he aspects 3rd house of communication which indicating native may be fortunate regarding communication. Means native may be good communicator, good speaker,Skillful communicating style through which attracts mass.

5)Mercury is karak of education or study and 9th belongs to higher study so native may got good higher education.

6)9th house is Bhavat Bhavam for 5th house regarding intelligency and Mercury is karak of intelligency so native may be very intelligent. So native have good quality of mercury such as tricks, Calculations etc. This quality may be making native to good mathematician,scholar,experts in tricks and calculations. So native may be scientist. As native is also a good communicator so may be become lecturer.

7)9th house is Bhavat Bhavam for 5th house regarding Vidya and mantra and Mercury is karak of education so native may got knowledge of shastra,Mantra, ved, vedanga etc through study. As native is good communicating quality so native may be well versed in pronunciation of Mantra or shastra. This quality indicating native may be Acharya or religious speaker.

8)Mercury in 9th house aspects on 3rd house which represent Hands so native may be good Shilpikar, writer,and other artisans activity. Native may also be a good bussinessman.

9)9th house belongs to fame when Mercury occupy 9th house native may be famous for his scholar quality,for his scientific inventions, for his bussiness skills, for his knowledge.

10)9th house belongs to travel when Mercury occupy 9th house native may travel a lots. It may also indicating native may go for Forigen or long travel for giving his lecturer.

11)9th house is Sagittarious rashi in Kalpurush chart(Sagittarious also belongs to unique aim) which lord is Jupiter(Lord of Jujde) and it is Bhavat Bhavam of 5th house(regarding Judging ) and Mercury is Our Thinking Mind(also belongs to intelligency, tricks and calculations) so when Mercury placed in 9th house native have good Judging ability.

12)Mercury in 9th house also good regarding children.Native may be wealthy and got all sorts of happiness.

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