Saturn In Third House

  Saturn In Third House


1)Before knowing effect of saturn in 3rd House first we have to know about saturn and 3rd House. So you may read this

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2)Generally  3rd House belongs to Strength ,younger siblings, short travel , Communication.
Saturn belongs to Bhed Nithi, very long distance, Ayu(life span),Cruel,late,Practically, Rigidity etc.

3)Strength—- As Saturn is natural Malefic and 3rd House is Dussthan. So any Malefic planet in 3rd House giving good results regarding Native.
Due to Saturn in 3rd House native may be brave, courageous, and good physical and brain strength. Saturn in 3rd House also make native very wise and intelligent. Saturn in 3rd House also indicating it is decreasing some of cruelty regarding Native and native may be liberal. Saturn in 3rd give power to native to attract masses. According to saravali Saturn in 3rd native may have dark complexion but he maintain physical Cleanliness.
Native may have good strength but he may be lazy or show their laziness. He may not like to working or start working latter.

4)Younger Siblings—- As third house belongs to siblings so Saturn in 3rd also effect siblings. Saturn is natural Malefics so saturn in 3rd may not good for Siblings. As Saturn rules Bhed Nithi so saturn in 3rd indicating friction between siblings. Saturn in 3rd also indicating issue related to siblings such as health,wealth and life. If saturn is badly placed then there may be a big problem of life of siblings.

5)Communication—As saturn is Airy planet so saturn in 3rd indicating Native doesn’t hesitate to communicate any one. He may be shameless. But this don’t means there are not practically they are good to attract people.

6)Travel—-Saturn in 3rd House indicating Native travel medium distance. Native may be go to away from Mother land. Or native siblings go away from Mother land.

7)Saturn is Karak of Life span and 3rd House is also belongs to Life span (due to 8th from 8th) so native may have long lived,

8)As Saturn in 3rd aspects 5th house from his 3rd aspects to it impact native mentality so native may be cruel or hard and Volatile. Native may have suffering from Mental stress or tension(3rd house is also 12th from 4th house). As third House is also a Upachaya House so it is consider as time is passing away situation getting improve . So mental conditions may improve according to age.

9)As Saturn in 3rd House also aspects 9th house so native may be inclinations towards religious activity and expense on it. Native may be Charitable.

10)Saturn in 3rd also affect native child or born of child. There may be problem in child born.

11)Generally 3rd House saturn aspects 9th house so it effect on fame and Fortunes of native. This is depending on placement of saturn. If saturn is well placed then it give fame and Fortunes but native may have struggle to get this. If saturn in ill placed then it give dis fame and Misfortune.

12)3rd House is Karam Kona and saturn belongs to late so native getting success in After struggling and late success.

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