Pisces Ascendant

             Pisces Ascendant 

1)When at time of birth Pisces Sign is rising in eastern horizon then native belongs to Pisces Ascendant or in other words Uday Lagan at time of birth of native is Pisces then native belong to Pisces Ascendant.

2)Meaning of Pisces Ascendant 
1st house is Pisces Sign and lord is jupiter. So your lagan lord  is also Jupiter.
2nd house is Aries and lord is Mars.
3rd house is Taurus and lord is Venus.
4th house is Gemini and lord is Mercury.
5th house is Cancer and lord is Moon.
6th house is Leo and lord is Sun.
7th house is Virgo and lord is Mercury.
8th House is Libra and lord is Venus.
9th house is Scorpion and lord is Mars.
10th house is Sagittarious and lord is Jupiter.
11th house is Capricorn and lord is Saturn.
12th house is Aquarius and lord is Saturn.

3) Beneficial Planet for Pisces Ascendant —-
Moon — Moon is Lord of 5th house (Trine or trikona house) so Moon is best benific for Pisces.

Mars —Mars is Lord of 2nd house (Neutral house) but same time it is Lord of  9th house which ismost benifical trine of horoscop so Mars is Benifial planet for Pisces.

4) Malific  planet for Pisces Ascendant 

Venus —- Venus is Lord of 8th and 3rd house (twoDussthan) and also enemy for Jupiter so venus is Malific for Pisces Ascendant.

Mercury —- Mercury is Lord of Two Kendra house(4th and 7th house) so due to Kendradipati dosh Mercury is Malefic for Pisces Ascendant.

Saturn — Saturn is Lord of 11th house and 12th house so Saturn is Malefic for Pisces.

Sun — sun is Lord of 6th house so sun is also Malefic for Pisces.

5) Neutral for Pisces Ascendant 
Jupiter — Jupiter is lagan lord so it is functional benific but same time lordship of 10th house (Kendradipati Dosh Melific) so it is Neutral for Pisces Ascendant. But due to lordship of lagan  it is consider Benifial for Pisces Ascendant.

6) Marak — According to rule Mars (Lord of 2nd house) and Mercury(Lord of 7th house) is Marak.

But Mars is functional benific for Pisces so generally Mars don’t kill Pisces. It is seen Venus is playing greatest Melefic or Marak effect for Pisces.

7)Body constitutions
Pisces Sign is  indicating short heights but lagan Lord jupiter is indicating tall heights so Generally Pisces native is Average or Medium in height.

Both Pisces and jupiter indicating healthy  or fatty body  so generally they are healthy in look. They have fair colour. Their eyes are also looking  good.

8) Health — Pisces sign is a watery sign and Jupiter is Ether planet so generally Pisces Ascendant native is suffering from Kapha Dosh.

9) Mentalities, Nature and behaviors 
Pisces Sign is a watery sign and most sensitive among all watery sign. So Pisces native may be over sensitive and emotional from brain.

Again they are very spiritual or religious from brain.
Pisces Ascendant 4th house is Gemini Sign which generates confusions in mind so some time they are confused.

They are dual minded (due to 4th house has Gemini Sign which is most dual nature Sign  among all dual Sign and also brain  house means 1st house has Pisces Sign which is dual sign).

Due to this quality Pisces Ascendant native generally doesn’t understand own ambition.
5th house has cancer sign which is indicating native may has dear or lovely mentality .

They are easly falls in love because their mentality give inclinations towards romance.(due to water Sign quality)

They show their sensitive and emotional mentality.

But as Pisces are spiritual from brain so they love tradition values on extremely basis.
They are agrasive in speech but style is soft and communication way is practical (speech house is Aries sign which shows agressive ways and Communication house is Taurus which indicating soft ways).
They have lack of selfconfidence or they don’t show their self confidence.
But when they come to action they become rigids ( because action house means 3rd house is occupy by Taurus sign.).

This quality also make Pisces to work before time.
As per as water quality and jupiter as lagan lord Pisces native is good from nature and love to teach and advice.

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