Capricorn Ascendant

Capricorn Ascendant 

When at the time of birth rising sign or lagna is Capricorn sign in eastern horizon then native will has Capricorn Ascendant. His lagna lord is Saturn. Let’s know the meaning of Capricorn ascendant.

Meaning of Capricorn Ascendant 

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  • 1st house has Capricorn sign and lord is Saturn. .
  • 2nd house has Aquarius sign and lord is Saturn.
  • 3rd house has Pisces sign and lord is Jupiter.
  • 4th house has Aries sign and lord is Mars.
  • 5th house has Taurus sign and lord is Venus.
  • 6th house has Gemini sign and lord is Mercury.
  • 7th house has Cancer sign and lord is Moon.
  • 8th house has Leo sign and lord is Sun.
  • 9th house has Virgo sign and lord is Mercury.
  • 10th house has Libra sign and lord is Venus.
  • 11th house has Scorpion sign and lord is Mars.
  • 12th house has Sagittarius sign and lord is Jupiter.
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Functional Beneficial for Capricorn Ascendant

Venus has lordship of 5th house and 10th house. So at same time Venus has lord of kendra (libra sign) and lord of trine (Taurus Sign) so Venus is yogakaraka planet for Capricorn ascendant. Means venus is most beneficial for Capricorn Ascendant.

Mercury is friend of Saturn and its mooltrikona sign is Virgo. Virgo sign is in 9th house for Capricorn ascendant and so Mercury is lord of most auspicious trine. Same time it has also lord of 6th house a dussthan but auspicious results is more. So Mercury is beneficial after venus.

Saturn is lagna lord and lord of 2nd house so Saturn is beneficial for Capricorn Ascendant.

Functional Malefic for Capricorn Ascendant

Mars is enemy for Saturn because Saturn is debilitated in aries sign. Mars is lord of 4th house (here according to Kendradhipati rules mars is beneficial but Saturn (lagan lord) is also debilitated here ) and Mars is lord of 11th house which is badhkesh for Capricorn ascendant. So Mars is functional malefic for Capricorn Ascendant.

Jupiter is lord of two dussthan (3rd and 12th house) so Jupiter is malefic for Capricorn Ascendant.

Moon is lord of 7th house so according to Kendradhipati rules it is malefic for Capricorn ascendant.

Neutral For Capricorn Ascendant

Sun is lord of 8th house but it is neutral for Capricorn ascendant as per as classical but as per as me Sun may be malefic for Capricorn ascendant.

Body Physique for Capricorn ascendant

Body physique depends on 1st house so it is belongs to Capricorn sign and lord Saturn. That’s why generally Capricorn ascendant are tall in height. They have big face. They have average in colours and having fatty type body physique (but not fully fatty).

Health for Capricorn ascendant

Capricorn is a earth sign which have some water quality. Saturn is karak of air elements. So Capricorn ascendant may be suffering from vata dosha.

Mentalities, Behavior and Nature for Capricorn Ascendant

1st house has Capricorn sign so they are strict and disciplined from brain. 4th house has aries sign so they are aggressive from mind. 5th house has Taurus sign so they are practical, rigid, and having fixed mentality. Both 1st lord (Saturn for brain) and 4th lord (Mars for mind) is cruel planet so they are cruel from inner heart or hard hearted. But from their speech they try to prove own self as good because speech house has aquarius sign and communication house has pisces sign which is giving sweet way of communication. But due to emotional sign in communication house some time their inner truth come out and their behaviour of speaking become harsh. 5th house has Taurus sign and 1st house  has Capricorn sign so they don’t forgot their enemy means revenge taking mentality. House of confidence and action (3rd house) has very sensitive and emotional sign so they show lack of self confidence but mentality they are very strong.

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    My husband : Kinjal..Dob:19/10/
    I file for Divorce in November..when will I get Divorse? After divorce second marriage is possible?

    1. if you married in 2013 then you have a great chance of remarried in 2017 after 0ct…at the age 28-29………………

      1. 1998/11/06
        My question is can I do government job,what about my education, health and for abroad

  2. I am Male DOB 27/03/1968 TOB 02:10AM. OR 02:15 AM. POB Raebareli .what is my correct time of birth i am in the field of acting. Mumbai.

    1. hi manoj
      is your question correct ? usually you or whoever wants their horoscope to be read has to give the correct time of birth . Then only lagna can be found and subsequent analysis and prediction can be made. Moreover you have given the time of birth as 02.10 AM which means it is late in the night and early in the next day morning . So were you born on 27/03/1968 or 28/03//1968 ? We can cast your horoscope and do the subsequent calculations only on this basis. Please provide your feedback asap
      Good luck

  3. Hello..

    My Dob is 26/03/1985
    Time:02:55 AM
    Place: Vadodara, Gujarat

    Sir, what is my future in terms of career growth and finance.. When will my good times come?


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      Time 5 pm
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  4. my dob 1/4/1987, time 3:20am, place mumbai. Currently in kenya Nairobi but really going through tough time i have consulted but every one say my settlement in india is not possible. Here in kenya i am suffering every single day wether its financially or emotionally. I really want to go to india but i am afraid because astrologer told me life will be even more worst. please advice me if i can settle downin india or not?

  5. Name = Abhishek Pandey
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    Time of birth = 07:03 AM
    Place of Birth = Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
    Question = Will I be rich or I have Rajyog?
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  6. hi sir my name is himmat kumar my dob is 7/7/1997 time=20:40 place of birth is hoshiarpur/punjab/india sir i want to know about my carrier . i am currently doing btech computer science is it benificial for me. and sir i am having debilated jupiter in lagna. is it will be nullified after the completion of my graduation. and please tell me about job when i will get it. sir please tell me which stone is benificial for me and why.

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  8. Respected Guruji,

    Received a job during Mars ad and lost it in November 2017 during rahu ad. Yet to find one.

    My DOB is November 4,1976. Birth place Baroda, Gujarat, India, time – 13.38 hrs. I live near Pune.

    Also if you could please help me in understanding the 10th house where Sun rahu and mercury are in swati nakshtra.
    Would like to hear from you on this.

    Blessings, Vh

  9. i am capricorn ascendant. moon and jupiter placed at 7th house.
    moon mahadasha is coming soon. please comment if this mahadasha brings favourable result.

  10. Sir,
    What inferences can be drawn from the following combination:
    Capricorn ascendant
    10H with Libra having 4 planets:
    Sun at 10° – Saturn at 2°41′ – Venus at 8˚09′- Jupiter at 23˚34′.
    Present Mahadasha- Saturn (May 2017-2036).
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  12. Name deepika gaba
    Date of birth 2 sep 1993

    Time 5 pm
    Place hansi
    When my marriage will happen ? Love or arrange ?

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    I had a serious relationship in 2006-07 was going to get mrrd in 2008, but ended due to me, while I had a huge crush in 2016-17 which also didnt happen due to some silly things.
    Is there possibility of marriage?

    11jul1979, 7:15pm, Kolkata, India, Female.

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