Wealth Yog In A Horoscopes

Wealth Yog

1)As we know that 2nd house for accumating wealth and 11th house for Profit.
2)Venus and Jupiter is karak planet for wealth. Venus for liquidity of money flow and Jupiter for accumating wealth. A rich person must have both, good flow of money and good accumulated wealth.
3)Kendra and trine is auspicious house. When 2nd and 11th house is making relationship with Kendra or trine then it is considered wealth Yog.
4) Jupiter and Venus is well placed in Kendra or trine or 2nd or 11th is Very good wealth Yog.
5)If in a horoscopes 5th house lord and 11th house lord is well placed and associated then native has very good wealth.
6) If a well placed lagnesh is aspected by well placed Jupiter and Venus then it is a very good wealth Yog.
7)2nd and 11th (house of wealth) and 1st, 5th, 9th house ( Lakshmi house, house of prosperity) well placed Conjunction is indicating awesome wealth.
8)If 2nd, 11th, house has More than 30 SAV then Native has good wealth. More SAV more wealthy.
9) Jupiter and Venus has more than 5 Astakvarga Rekha is indicating native has good financial condition.
10)Saturn is Karma Karak and Jupiter and Venus is Dhan karak so association of all 3 in any ways may be indicating good wealth.
Such as all 3 are associated in a house or trine to each other or 2-12, 3-11 or 1-7th to each other.
11)Rahu is said to be karak of prosperity in BPHS. When Venus Rahu Mercury and Saturn is associated in trine to each other native may be big bussines man.
12) During any Dasha of above said point number 3 to 7 native will gets good wealth.
13) During any transit of Jupiter when Jupiter has more than 4 AV and those months where Venus has more than 4 AV, native has good financial condition.
14) When Jupiter and Saturn has more than 4 AV and both are transit over that SIgn where more than 30 SAV then native may has good period regarding money and prosperity.
15)When Jupiter transit over Natal Venus or trine to Venus then that year financial condition may be good.
16) Saturn and Rahu transit over Natal Venus or trine to Natal Venus is also consider good regarding money matters.
17) If all Jupiter Saturn and Rahu is transit to trine or 7th or natal to Venus then very good period regarding money matters.
18)In house activation method any house is active who has more than 30 SAV and their well placed planet then native has good money that period.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    It is a great writing.
    Not clear what are SAV etc
    Suppose these combinations are not in the personal horoscope, but a business is started in any one or two said combinations, would that give same results.

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