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Retrograde Jupiter Timing

By YK Agrawal  As We know that Jupiter in a sign for 13 months. Again during this period Jupiter is retrograde for some time. So you can know either Jupiter is retrograde or not in a horoscope. For this you have to check Sun position with respect of Jupiter. When Sun goes to 5th from…

Astro Sutra By Jatak Parijat Regarding Bhav Strength

​According to Jatak Parijat If Bhav Lord in 11th, 2nd and 3rd from own house then Bhav may be getting strength. If Bhav Lord friends planet occupy above house from Bhav then Bhav may also getting strength. If planet who is excellent in that Bhav occupy in above condition then Bhav may also getting strength….

Occult knowledge

It is seen that when ever 5th house making relationship with 8th house or vice versa native may be interested in occult knowledge or hidden knowledge. In most famous astrologer this combination may be found.

Ketu Sutra By Yk Agrawal

1) If Ketu in 2nd house and Ketu in either Aries, Gemini or Virgo sign then native may gets all sorts of materialistic happiness. 2) If Ketu in  4th house and in excellent sign then native may gets happiness of land and property. 3) If Ketu in 7th house then native may be interested in…