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Divisional Chart And Its Significant

D1 — Rashi chart. It’s belong to lagan and whole thing related to native. 

D2 – Hora chart. It is belong to Wealth and money matters.

D3 — Drekkana chart. It is belong to brother and sister.Siblings.

D4 – Chaturthamsa chart. It is belong to home, house, property, and fortune of native.

D5– Panchamsa chart . It is belong to fame, authority and power.

D6 – Shasthamsa chart . It is belong to health related issues.

D7 – Sapthamsa chart. It is belong to all matters relating to children.

D8 – Asthamsa chart. It is belong to sudden or unexpected problems . It also belong to litigation.

D9 – Navmasa chart . It is belong to spouse. Marriage, inner self of native. Basic skills and rightness acts.

D10 – Dasamasa  chart . It is belong to profession of native. Activity, achivement in society 

D11 – Rudraamsa chart. It is belong to death or destruction.

D12 – Dwadasaamsa chart. It is belong to parents of native.

D16 – Shodasamsa chart . It is belong to vehicle, pleasure, comfort or uncomfort of native.

D20 – Vimsamsa  chart. It is belong to religious action  spiritual matters.

D24 — Chaturviamsa chart . It is belong to learning, knowledge and education of native.

D27 – Saptavimsa chart . It is belong to strength or weakness of native. Inherent nature.

D30 –  Trimsamsa chart . It is belong to evils and punishment. Sub conscious self and some disease.

D40 – Khavedamsa chart . It is belong to auspicious events and inauspicious events.

D45 – Akshavedamsa chart . It is belong to all matters relating to native.

D60 – Shastyamasa chart . It is belong to karma of past life. And all matters.
Here D denotes for Division and Number donates division of Bhav.

For Example D1 means 1division of Bhav.D2 means 2equal division of Bhav. In same manner D60 means 6o equal division of Bhav. Chart means horoscope casting with above division. Every divisional chart are making with different rules.
D1,D2,D3,D4,D5,D6,D7,D8,D9,D10,D11,D12 are giving indication regarding physical existence of native and effect of Physical plane.

D16, D20,D24 are giving indication regarding mental existence of Native and effect in mental plane.

D27,D30 are belongs to Phycological levels of native.

D40, D45,D60 are belongs to karmic worlds or effect due to karmic activities including all previous circles.

Now this divisional chart are use to make four types of Vargas or grouping of divisional chart.

Shadvarga – This is constitutes with Group of divisional chart 

D1, D2,D3, D9, D12, D30 .

Means total six divisional chart.

Saptavarga – This is constitutes with 7 divisional chart. Means D7 and Shadvarga.

D1, D2, D3, D7, D9, D12, D30.

Dashvarga – This is constitutes with 10 Divisional chart. Means D10, D16,D30 plus Saptavarga chart.

D1, D2, D3, D7, D9,D 10, D12, D16,D30,D60

Shodhasvarga – This is Constitutes with 16 types of divisional chart.

D1, D2, D3, D4, D7, D9, D10,D12,D16, D20,D24,D27, D30,D40,D45, D60.

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