Jupiter In Pisces Sign

          Jupiter In Pisces Sign

1)Before knowing the effect of Jupiter in Pisces Sign first we have to know about Lord of Sky Jupiter and Pisces Sign. Pisces is 12th house sign of kalpurush and Jupiter is placed here so you may read Jupiter in twelfth house. Jupiter is lord of 9th and 12th house of kalpurush and it is placed in 12th house of kalpurush so you may read 9th house lord in 12th house and 12th house lord in 12th house.

2)Let’s we know from different classical book regarding Jupiter in Pisces Sign

Brihat Jatkam
When Jupiter in own house (Sagittarius and Pisces) in birth chart native may be head of town or something like that (मण्डलाधीश). He may be secretary of king or Commender in chief and wealthy.

When Jupiter in Pisces Sign in birth chart native will be knows the meaning of veds and also having good knowledge of sastra. He will be pure from heart, honorable and satvic by nature. He will be king or leader. He will be a praiseworthy (सराहनीय या श्लाध्य). He will be endowed with wealth and politely by nature. He will be fearless and proud man and starting work with passions. He will well knows all maters related to politics. He will have good nithi(नीति) or rules, education, behavior and war tactics. He will be famous and doing very sincere attempts regarding his actions.

When Jupiter in Pisces Sign in birth chart native will be broad man whose complexion is pale.  He will have praiseworthy wealth. He will be happy man. He makes a firm beginning. He is not lacking in pride. He will knows the meaning of veds, sciences, scared tradition (shruti) and poetry. He will have good courtesy in behavior and experts in using instructions of king. He will be ruler of the nobles of the world. He will be famous and handsome man whose deeds are restless. He will be stabilizer of good men and those who restrain his anger.


3)Jupiter is karak of wisdom and placed in its own house and watery sign so native may be wise and spiritual. Native may be pure from heart and without selfishness. He may positive imaginative power. He may be religious from inner soul but don’t show-off regarding religion.

4)Jupiter in Pisces Sign indicating native may be enjoying a good luxurious life. He may have all sorts of comfortablity. He may be wealthy and also good in expense. He may be charitable.

5)Jupiter in Pisces Sign indicating native may gets good education and Vidhya. He may be goes away from his birthplace for getting Vidhya or education.

6)Jupiter in Pisces Sign indicating native may be handsome and charming. Native may have good materialistic happiness. He may have good occult knowledge. He may gets outcasts hidden knowledge.

7)Jupiter in Pisces Sign indicating native may have good habits and knowledge of jujdment. He may be experts in sorting problems with peaceful ways.

8)If you want to know more about Jupiter then you may read this.

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