Planet And Temporary Relationship

Planet And Temporary Relationship

As we know that planet have natural relationship with every planet. When planet occupy a particular rashi in horoscop he makes temporary(Tatkalik) relationship with other planet from own position.

Every planet become temporary friend who situated 2nd,3rd,4th,10th,11th and 12th from rashi where planet is situated.

Rest planet is consider enemy for particular planet. Means Planet which situated 1st,5th,6th,7th,8th and 9th rashi from a particular planet is consider Temporary enemy for him.


Let’s understand through a example of our P.m. Modiji chart.

Position of planet in Modiji chart
Moon and Mars in Scorpion
Jupiter in Aquarius
Rahu In Pisces
Saturan and Venus in Leo
Sun, Mercury and Ketu in Virgo.

So now we find Temporary friends and Temporary enemy for each planet. So for
Temporary friends—-Moon,Mars,Saturan and Venus
Temporary Enemy—-Mercury and Jupiter

For Moon—
Temporary Friends—Jupiter,Saturan,Venus,Sun,Mercury
Temporary Enemy—-Mars,

For Mars—
Temporary Friends—Jupiter,Saturan,Venus,Sun and Mercury
Temporary Enemy—-Moon

For Mercury—
Temporary Friends—Moon,Mars,Saturan and Venus
Temporary Enemy—Sun,Jupiter

For Jupiter—
Temporary Friends—Moon,Mars
Temporary Enemy—-Saturan,Venus,Sun,Mercury

For Venus
Temporary Friends—Sun,Mercury,Moon,Mars,
Temporary Enemy–Saturan,Jupiter

For Saturan
Temporary Friends—Sun,Mercury,Moon and Mars
Temporary Enemy—Venus and Jupiter.

Hope you understand.

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