Planet And Its Natural Friendship

Planet And Its Natural Friendships

1)The lord of rashi where Planet is excellent is consider Friend of that Planet. So For
Sun Mars is Friend
Moon Venus is Friend
Mars Saturan is Friend
Mercury Mercury is Friend(Mercury is excellent in own rashi Virgo)
Jupiter Moon is Friend
Venus Jupiter is Friend
Saturan Venus is Friend

2)Now Take the Mool trikona of Planet. The lord of rashi from 2nd,4th,5th,8th,9th,12th from Mool trikona of any planet is Friend for particular planet. So
For Sun –Mool trikona of Sun is Leo. So 2nd from it is Virgo and Its Lord is Mercury is Friend,
4th from leo is Scorpion so Mars is its friend,
5th from leo is Sagittarious so Jupiter is Friend
8th from leo is Pisces so Jupiter is Friend
9th from leo is Aries so Mars is Friend
12th from leo is Cancer so Moon is Friend.
Same way we find for another Planet

For Moon(From Mooltrikona Tarush)—Friends are
Mercury(Gemini),Sun(Leo),Mercury(Virgo), Jupiter(Sagittarious),Saturan(Capricorn),MARS(Aries)

For Mars(Mool trikona is Aries) —Friends are

For Mercury(Mool trikona is Virgo)—Friends are

For Jupiter(Mooltrikona is Sagittarious) —Friends are
Saturan(Capricorn),Jupiter(Pisces),Mars(Aries),Moon(Cancer),Sun(Leo) Mars(Scorpion)

For Venus(MoolTrikona is Libra)—Friends are

For Saturan(Mool Trikona is Aquarius)— Friends are

3)Rest rashi from Mool trikona is consider Enemy, Means 3rd,6th,7th,10th and 11th from Mool trikona is consider Enemy for particular planet. So Enemy of planet









4)Now make a list
A)Those planet falls in Friend category in all 3rd is Friends for those particular planet
B)Those planet falls in Both friend and enemy category is consider Neutral for those particular planet
C)Those falls in enemy category in all 3rd is Consider Enemy for particular planet.
So Final results of Natural friendship of Planet is

For Sun
Friends Planet—-Moon,Mars,Jupiter
Neutral Planet—Mercury
Enemy planet—Venus,Saturan

For Moon
Friends Planet—-Sun,Mercury
Neutral Planet—Mars,Mercury,Venus,Saturan
Enemy Planet—Nil

For Mars
Friend Planet—Sun,Moon,Jupiter
Neutral Planet—Venus,Saturan
Enemy Planet—Mercury

For Mercury—-
Friend Planet—Sun,Venus
Neutral Planet—Mars,Jupiter,Saturan
Enemy Planet—Moon

For Jupiter—
Friend Planet—Sun,Moon,Mars
Neutral Planet—Saturan
Enemy Planet—-Mercury,Venus

For Venus—
Friend Planet—Mercury,Saturan
Neutral Planet—Mars Jupiter
Enemy Planet—Sun,Moon

For Saturan—
Friend Planet—Mercury,Venus
Neutral Planet—Jupiter
Enemy Planet—Sun ,Moon,Mars

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