Planet And Compound Relationship

Planet and Compound Relationship

1)Before know about Compound Relationship of planet we have to know about Natural Relationship and Temporary Relationship of Planet. So You may read this

Planet And Its Natural Relationship—


Planet And Temporary Relationship–


2)After knowing both relationships of Planet we calculate compound or Five Fold or Panchdha relationship of Planet as follow


A)If Natural Friend become Temporary Friend in horoscop then in compound relationship it become AdhiMitra(Best friend). Means

Natural Friend + Temporary Friend = Adhimitra(Best Friend)

B)Natural Friend + Temporary Enemy = Neutral(Sama)

C)Natural Neutral + Temporary Friend =Mitra(Friend)

D)Natural Neutral + Temporary Enemy = Shatru(Enemy)

E)Natural Enemy + Temporary Friend = Neutral(Sama)

F)Natural Enemy + Temporary Enemy =AdhiShatru(Worst Enemy)

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