In any kundali 3rd 7th 8th 9th
and 12th give indication
regarding travel or in simple
language they r travel house .
3rd is indicating short journey
and 9th indicating long journey . 12th house is journey related to
forigen country (but its neither
mean its don’t indicating country
journey).further rashi nature
such as water sign earthy sign
also indicating where u have to go .water sign indicating travel
those place which is far away
from water(river pound see etc).
Mesh rashi as a mountain rashi
its indicating travel in mountain
place . And so on consider nature of rashi and find indication.
When 10th house is involving in
this co-relation then possibility
of journey due to profession and
when 4th house and 9th house
and jupiter as a karak of study then possibility to journey for
study. 5th and 7th house if
person is politician then journey
for politics .when 6th house
involving this this indicating
journey may be for medical purpose . And many more so
apply ur mind and get indication
in chart . Always whole chart to
be consider for getting INDICATION

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