Tips of the day – 21/09/18

Tips of the day – 21/09/18 Moon and Mars both are blood karak planet. If both Moon and Mars is associated with Jupiter then chance of suffering from cholesterol issues is very high. So practical remedy is do daily physical workout and some sort of breathing exercises such as Pranayam etc.

Tips of the day – 20/09/18

Tips of the day – 20/09/18 Sun, Mars and Jupiter all 3 are friends to each other. If in any chart all 3 are associated to each other even in trine then it is considered very good for native. This combination may give name fame and power. But as we know that for every yoga…

Tips of the day – 19/09/19

Tips of the day – 19/09/18 Whenever Rahu in 4th house, in most of case, I found that native may be suffering from break up in love relationship before marriage.

Tips of the day – 18/09/2018

Tips of the day – 18/09/2018 When ever your Moon and Venus same time under influence by Rahu then mostly you are easily comes under influence of the negative energy such as evil eyes. Mostly this happened due to your weak aura. So practical remedy is wear a Moti( best qualities) and listen a kavach…

Tips of the day – 17/09/18

Tips of the day   Sun is karak of Vitality or we can say the it is karak of power due to which our body can fight with any attacks of disease. Suppose if your Sun is afflicted or weak in strength then practical remedy is Morning walk. Morning walk per can improve your internal…

Tips of the day – 16/9/2018

Tips of the day – 16/9/2018 Moon is karak of Roop or look when Moon is associated with Venus, native will be looking younger than his age but frequently suffering from cough and cold issues.

Tips of the day – 15/09/18

Tips of the day Saturn is a prime karak of profession. If Saturn has received aspects from Jupiter and Venus then mostly native may be successful in his professional life regarding earnings.

Tips of the day – 14/09/18

Tips of the day Mostly we ignore Navtara Concept in prediction. Some some time it is very useful to know about results of Dasha. Even meaning of Each Navtara giving awesome indication of results.

Tips of the day – 13\09\18

Tips of the Day Retro planet will give the results of Previous house but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t give results of house where it is placed. It means Retro planet will give the results of both house ( where it is placed and previous sign). Here motion of retro is very important….