Jupiter In First House According To Classical Book Of Astrology

Phaldipika  Jupiter in lagan, native will be handsome. He has good name and fame. He will be long lived and fearless. He will be blessed with children. Jatak Parijat  Jupiter in lagan, native will be long lived. He has very clear knowledge of any matters. He may be wealthy and beautiful. Saravali  Jupiter in lagan,…

Jupiter In Tanu Bhav

Jupiter In 1st House 1)Before Knowing the Effect of Jupiter first we have to Know about Jupiter and 1st House. So please read this What is Jupiter— http://astropankajseth.co.in/2015/03/lord-of-sky-jupiter/ What is Tanu Bhav—– http://astropankajseth.co.in/2015/04/tanu-bhav-base-of-your-horoscop/ 2)After reading this two articles we have to know that1st house Jupiter basically effect our body physique, health, brain, nature and behavior….