Mercury And Jupiter Conjunction In First House

Effect of Mercury and Jupiter Conjunction in 1st house

1) Before knowing the effect of Mercury and Jupiter conjunction in 1st house we have to know about Mercury in 1st house, Jupiter in 1st house and Mercury and Jupiter conjunction.

2) Native may be handsome and charming from look. He may be sincere from appearance. He may be kind and helpful from nature. He may be honest and truthful person. He may has good social conduct.

3) Native may has good education. He may be knowledge seeker. He may be inclined towards gaining knowledge from various sources. He may be good in learning. He may be skillful and expert in tricks.

4) Native may be intelligent and wise. He may be a good manager. He may be sincere and having philosopher thoughts. He may be natural teacher and good advisor. He may be very good counselor. He may has multitasking ability.

5) Native may be eloquent speaker. He may be soft and pleasant speaker. He may be very good in oral learnings and expert in speakings. He will give very quick reaction.

6) Native may has materialistic approach. He has good materialistic comfort. He may be rich and wealthy. He has good amount of commercial property. He may be very good in financial handlings. He has very good growth in his life.

7) Native may has jolly in nature and interested in entertainment. He may has multiple relationship. He may be religious from nature.

8) Native may has long life. He has sound health. He may be energetic from nature. He may be suffering from cold and cough related issues.

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