Venus And Mercury Conjunction In 12th House

Effect Of Venus And Mercury Conjunction In 12th house

1) Before knowing the effect of Venus and Mercury conjunction in 12th house we have to know about Venus in 12th house, Mercury in 12th house, Venus and Mercury conjunction.

2) Native may be handsome and good looking person. He may be capable to attract opposite gender. He may be pleasant in speaking and good speaker. Native has good communication abilities.

3) Native may be rich and wealthy. He will enjoying luxurious comfort. He may be money minded person. He may be expert in financial dealings and selling any things. He has good commercial property.

4)Native may be sensual from nature. He may be fallen in moral sense. He may be flirty in nature. He may be interested in friendship with ladies. He may be inclined towards illegal relationship. His mind may be full with polluted thought.

5) Native may be facing problem in his studies. He may go to foreign country for study purposes. He may be studied in financial sector or fashion industry.

6) Native may be intelligent. He may getting victory over his enemies. Native has natural talents in singing or dancing.

7) Native’s mind may be full with unnecessary thoughts. He has lack of peace in his mind. He may be suffering from mental stress. He has lack of sound sleep. He may be suffering from psychological or neurological problem. He has eye sight problem.

8) Native doesn’t get success in his business. He has more expenses in his business. He may be suffering from loan and financial crisis in his business.

9) Native may has issues in his marriage life. Native may has dispute with his wife. His wife has weak health.

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