Moon And Venus Conjunction In Third House

Moon and Venus Conjunction in 3rd house

1)Before knowing the effect of Moon and Venus conjunction in 3rd house we have to know about Moon in 3rd house, Venus in 3rd house and Moon and Venus conjunction.

2)Native may be looking charming. Native may be brave and courageous from mind. Native may has good physical and mental strength. But he doesn’t like work out. He may like comfortable lifestyles.

3)Native’s siblings may has beautiful and charming personality. Native’s siblings may get good success. His siblings may be rich and wealthy. Siblings may has luxurious lifestyles. Native may take care of his siblings. Native may get respect from his siblings.

4)Native may getting success in profession. Native has good imaginative quality. He may be getting success in imaginative work. Native may be getting success in woman related things. Native may has awesome qualities of negotiations.

5) Native may be wandering from nature. Native may like travelling. He has lots of travelling. Native may has short distance travelling. Native may has travelling related to his profession.

6) Native may be flirty and sensual from nature. Native may be ruled by woman. He may be facing blaming from ladies. Native’s wife may be crazy or fickle minded. Native may has lack of misunderstanding with his wife. His wife may be suffering from cold & cough related issues. His wife may be suffering from hormonal issues.

7) Native may has some natural artistic talents. Native may be good in painting, singing, dancing or other artistic talents. Native may loves music, dancing or arts related things. Native may has good knowledge of cocking and fashions.

8)Native may has luxurious lifestyles. Native’s financial condition may be average. He may has unstable wealth. He may be inclined towards loans. He may getting easy loans.

9)Native may be suffering from cold and cough related issues. Native may be suffering from hormonal or sexual issues.

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