Impact Of Date Of Birth 7 Or Personality Number 7

Effect of Numerology on people born on 7th day of any calendar month

1) Any person born on 7th day of any month then his Personality number will be 7 and belong to planet Ketu. So he has great impact of ketu in his life.

2) Native may be independent by nature. He may be full with self proudness. He has strong individuality. He doesn’t come under any sort of pressure. Even he may burst under pressure and response in violentic ways. He may be skillful by nature and full with original idea. He may be social by nature.

3) Native may be sincere and sensitive by nature. He may be over imaginative by nature. He may be emotional by nature. He may be restless from mind. He may be very centric towards any matters. He may be taking extreme panic on any matters.

4) Native has hidden quality. Native may has hidden nature. He doesn’t show his internal feelings. He may be emotionless towards others. He may be harsh in nature. He only respect own self thoughts but never respect others thoughts and their self respect.

5) Native may be impatient in behaviour but internal passions may be very good. When he is focusing on negative thoughts then he may be harm own self. He has to avoid negative thoughts. He may be suffering from mental stress or worries.

6) Native may has good intuitive capacity. But he doesn’t get good success in stock market or other speculative works. He may be getting success in occults. He may be capable to know hidden truth of any matters. He has philosopher attitude.

7) Native may be religious and spiritual by nature. He may be truthful by nature. He may has own philosophy about dharma. He doesn’t follow rigide line or traditional line of religions. He may be inclined towards gaining of knowledge. He may be travel lover or wandering by nature.

8) Native doesn’t has happy marriage life. He may has issues with his wife.

9)Native may be getting success in tourism or travelling industry. He may be success in film industry or acting. He may be join air travel industry. He may be getting success in journalism. He may be success in ocults, healing or spirituality. He may be getting success in writing or philosophy. He may be success in secretariat work.

10)Native may be suffering from mental issues such as worries, stress, tension, negative thoughts, depression etc. He may be suffering from head pain or block spot below eyes. He may be suffering from insomnia. He may be suffering from skin infection, blood infection, abdominal problem or lungs related issues.

11)His lucky number is 7. Another favorable number will be 6 and 9. Western numerology says getting support from number 2 and 1. His relationship number will be 7 and 9. His lucky day will be Tuesday. Another favorable days are Friday, Monday and Sunday.

12)His lucky stone is cat’s eye. Another favorable stones are Moonstones, pearl, yellow hakik and moss agate. His lucky colour is khaki. Another favorable colour is green, pale shade of colour, white or yellow shade. Number 7 can avoid dark shade of any colour.

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