Impact Of Date Of Birth 13 Or Personality Number 13

Effect of Numerology on people born on 13th day of any calendar month

1) Any Person born on 13th day of any calendar month has personality number 13 or belongs to number 4. Number 13 made from number 1 and number 3 and its total will be 4. So native may has impact of Sun, Jupiter and Rahu. We can say that Sun and Jupiter internal power may be converted into Rahu. Sun and Jupiter has enmity with Rahu, So number 13 may has internal conflict regarding planet significant.

Number 13 = 1 + 3 = 4

Sun + Jupiter = Rahu

Internal power Of Sun and Jupiter = Transform into Power of Rahu

2) Native may be clever and independent by nature. He may be freedom lover. He has good sense of humours. He may has multi dynamic and multi talented by nature. He may be full with josh and very active by nature. He may be brave and courageous by nature.

3) Native may be full with self respect. He may be fully determined attitude. He may be crooked by nature. He may be powerseeker attitude( may be any how). He may be rigid and egoistic by nature. He may has firm and aggressive in nature. He may be stable minded.

4) Native may be imaginative and creative by nature. He may be good communicator. He has materialistic approach towards life. He may be money minded and he has practical approach any matters. He will try to insure own benefits and for this he can break rules and regulations. He may getting success by own idea and thoughts. He has unnecessary show off attitude.

5) Native may be friendly in nature and good friend circle. He may be centre of attraction due to his activity and nature. He has very good leadership quality. He has organised way of working. He has own way of working styles. He encourage others to take responsibility.

6) Native may be interested in politics and having sharp eyes on high level politics. He has diplomatic attitude. He may be getting success in politics. He doesn’t has good social morality. He has many enemies. Native may be criticizing government’s policies. He may has opposite approach on every matters.

7)Native may be sensitive by nature. He may be jealousy by nature. He may be creating unnecessary hypocrisy. He may be suffering from hidden fears. Native may be facing frauds by own people. He may has revenge taking attitude.

8)Native may be flirty and sensual by nature. He doesn’t has smooth family life. His mind is full with conflicts. He may be facing depression. He may be suffering from mental stress.

9) Native may getting success in politics, creative works based on imaginations, printing and drawings, computers, alcohol business, wheels related works, architure, contractor, designing, scientist, occults etc. He may getting success in goverment contract, social activity, public dealing jobs, lawyer or law related acts.

10) His lucky day will be Sunday. His favorable day are Thursday. His lucky colour will be grey and electric blue. His lucky stone will be gomed. His favorable stone will be red hakik or red sapphire or tiger eyes. His lucky number will be 4.

11) Native may be suffering from vata dosha. He may be suffering from gastric, body pain, or head pain. He may be suffering from blood related problem such as anemia. He may be suffering from mental problem. He may be suffering from breathing issues. He may be suffering from kidney or bladder related issues. He may be suffering from heart issues. He may be suffering from viral fever. He may be suffering from neurological problem. He may be suffering from physical and mental stress due to over workload. He may be suffering from body pains.

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