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Moon And Jupiter Conjunction In Sixth House

Moon and Jupiter Conjunction in 6th house

Before knowing the effect of Moon and Jupiter Conjunction in 6th house we have to know about Moon in 6th house, Jupiter in 6th house and Moon and Jupiter conjunction.

1) Native may be handsome and sincere in look. He may be fatty by look. He may be kind and lazy by nature. He may speaking in polite ways but argumentive approach.

2) Native may be brave and his voice may be loud. He has good mental strength. He has revenge taking attitude. He will getting victory over his enemies by his cleverness. He doesn’t forgot his enemies.

3) Native may be religious. He may has good knowledge of mantra and tantra sadhana. He knows black magic. He may be interested in occult.

4)Native may be working in hotel management or hospitality. He may be working in judiciary system. Native may be suffering from financial crisis. He may be suffering from loan. But he may be wealthy and earn well.

5) Native may be honorable. He may be suffering from blaming and facing humilations. He may be clever but doesn’t use his cleverness in proper direction but use in harmful ways.

6)Native may be sensual by nature. He doesn’t has good moral conduct. He may has love affairs. He may has many immoral desires.

7) Moon and Jupiter in 6th house may cause for balarishta dosha. Native’s health may be weak in his childhood. He may be suffering from cold, cough and flu. He may be suffering from lungs related issues. He may be suffering from abdominal issues. He may has liver or digestive problem. He may be suffering from cholesterol or diabetes.

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