Moon And Mercury Conjunction In First House

Moon and Mercury Conjunction in 1st house

1) Before knowing the effect of Moon and Mercury conjunction in 1st house we have to know about Moon in 1st house, Mercury in 1st house and Moon and Mercury conjunction.

2) Native may be handsome by looking. He may has fair and beautiful look. He may has healthy body. He may has short height and perfect physique. He may has young looking and having attractive smile.

3) Native may be pleasant and soft in nature. He may be emotional and sensitive by nature. He has fickle and restless mind. He may be unstable from mind. He may be kind and respective. He may be be romantic and flirty nature.

4) Native may be clever and intelligent. He may has scientific thoughts. He has good understanding of words. He has good intuition. Sometimes he may be confused. He may has good education and good learning capacity. He has very good oral learning capacity. He may be good in poetry and others artistic talents. He may be a good comedian.

5)Native may be inclined towards luxurious life styles.He will lives life in well maintained form. He may be rich and having multitasking ability. He may be very good in mathematics and expert in using tricks. He may be expert in using tricks.

6) Native may be traveler and wandering from nature. He may be powerful. He may be skilful in speaking. He may be quick in response.

7) Native may be suffering from false blaming. He may be suffering from cheating. He may has fraudulent nature.

8)Native may has sound health. Native may be suffering from cold & cough related issues. Native may be suffering from mental stress. He may be suffering from depression and tension. He may be suffering from blood infection. He may be suffering from digestive problem. He may be suffering from lungs related issues. He may be suffering from nervous issues.

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