Mars And Venus Conjunction In Eleventh House

Mars and Venus Conjunction in 11th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Mars and Venus conjunction in 11th house we have to know about Mars in 11th house, Venus in 11th house and Mars and Venus conjunction.

2) Native may be handsome by looking. He may be brave, courageous and having good passions. He may be action oriented by nature. He may be harsh minded and aggressive in speaking. He may be wise and expert in speaking and having ability to become motivational speaker.

3) Native may be wealthy and rich. He may be earn via multiple source of income. He may accumulate good property. He may earn good via real estate. He has good money flow. He has all sorts of materialistic happiness. He has good happiness of house & vehicles and other conveniences.

4) Native may be money minded and aggressive in money making. He can earn via all of his action. He may be expert in calculations. He may be natural gambler. He may get profit via speculation.

5) Native may has good name and fame. He may be reputed in society and known as rich person. He may getting good power and position. He may be getting success in instrumental music, singing or as a musician. Native may has good status in higher class society.

6) Native may be sensual and flirting in nature. He may has high sexual desires. He may has many female friends. He may has early marriage. He may getting profit via women. He may easily falls in love. Both husband and wife may has lack of satisfaction. He will spend his money on female.

7) Native’s mama may be rich and wealthy. He has good success in his life. Native may has many enemies. Native may getting profit from transport business.

8) Native may has many friends. He may has good friends circle. His most of friends may be female. He can use his friends circle for making money.

9) Native may has sweet heart from upper heart but internally he may be crooked. He may expert in tricks. If not well placed then cause for vehicle accidents or hormonal problem.

2 thoughts on “Mars And Venus Conjunction In Eleventh House

  1. I have venus mercury conjunction in 11 th house.What will be its effect I am Taurus ascendant with dob 18 Apr 2000 time 8:10 and place buguda odisha india

  2. my son is tula rasi and tula lagna born on 20/07/1991 at hyderabad time 12.38pm mars and venus placed in eleventh house . marriage is getting delayed how to get over this problem

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