Moon In Libra Sign For Aquarius Ascendant

Moon in 9th house in Libra sign for Aquarius Ascendant

1)Before knowing the effect of Moon in 9th house in Libra sign for Aquarius Ascendant we have to know about Moon in 9th house, Moon in libra sign and 6th house lord in 9th house.

2) Native may be fickle minded and moody. He may be restless from mind. He doesn’t able to compromise a little bit. He may be social by nature. He may be socially active. He may be money minded. He may be shameless regarding approaching any body.

3)Native may be fortunate regarding comfort and happiness. But he doesn’t has stable fortune. He may facing many up and down in his professional life. He may be architecture. He believes in working in place of speaking.

4)Native may be emotionally attached with his father. But he has thoughts differences with his father. Native’s father may has illegal source of income. His father’s health may be weak.

5) Native may be religious by nature. He may visiting holy river or temple. He may be involved in business in name of religions. He may be involved in occult. He will do immoral or illegal activity.

6) Native may be getting good higher educations. He has good name and fame. He has good social charm and respect. He may be good orator and scholar. He may has leadership quality from mind.

7) Native may be sensual by nature. He may be defeated by women. He has many children.

8)Native has many travelling. He may goes to foreign place. He has good name and fame in foreign country.

9) Native may be suffering from hormonal issues. He may be suffering from mental stress.

10) If you want to know more about Aquarius ascendant then read this link.

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