Moon In Sixth House For Sagittarius Ascendant

Moon in 6th house in Taurus sign for Sagittarius Ascendant

1)Before knowing the effect of Moon in 6th house in Taurus sign for Sagittarius ascendant we have to know about Moon in 6th house, Moon in Taurus sign and 8th house lord in 6th house.

2) Native may be brave and courageous. He has very good mental strength. He may has good passions just like bull. Native may has good oral knowledge and good oral learning capacity.

3) Native may be practical from mind. He may be logical and argumentive. He has very good commands on word power. Means He will use right words on right time. Apart from this native may be very rigid on particular matters. He may has revenge taking attitude.

4) Native’s face may has natural charm. His eyes may be small just like bulls. Native may be hard worker.

5) Native may be long lived. Native may be suffering from incurable disease. His health may be down in childhood. He may be frequently suffering from cold and cough related issues. He may be suffering from abdominal or hormonal problem.

6) Native may be famous. He may be reputed. He may be kind in nature. He may be suffering from litigation and blaming. But he always get victory over his enemies.

7) Native may be working in food or hotel management. He may has knowledge of tantra or black magic. If may easily comes under influence of evil eyes.

8) Native’s parental property may be under litigation or dispute. But finally he will get his parental property.

9)Native’s mama may be a famous person.

10) If you want to know more about Sagittarius ascendant then read this link.

One thought on “Moon In Sixth House For Sagittarius Ascendant

  1. A jatak had Moon in 6th house of Sagittarius ascendent. His Jupiter was in 12th house. He had Manic Depressive Psychosis (Moon in 6th house). Died suddenly after cardiac arrest following an injection for mania. He died in Jupiter dasa, Moon anterdasa, and Saturn Pratyanter and Sukshma dasa. Jupiter in 12th house, Moon Lord of 8th house and Saturn Lord of 2nd house became marak.

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