Moon In Eleventh House For Scorpion Ascendant

Moon in 11th house in Virgo sign for Scorpion Ascendant

1)Before knowing the effect of Moon in 11th house in Virgo sign for Scorpion Ascendant we have to know about Moon in 11th house, Moon in Virgo sign and 9th house lord in 11th house.

2) Native may be handsome and charming person. He may be jolly minded person. He may be brave and intelligent. He may be shy in behavior and always try to make own secrecy. He may be sensitive but having good mental stability.

3)He may has kind and royal behavior. He may be skilled and faithful. His working style may be slow but dutiful. He may be perfection lover and wants clean surroundings.

4) Native may be rich and wealthy. He has very good prosperity. His financial position may improve day by day. He has multiple source of earnings. He has good profit from business. He will get profit from agriculture land.

5) Native has shrill voice. He may be soft speaking person with good communication ability. He has very good logical ability. Native may be religious person and earn via religious speech and activity.

6) Native has very good friends circle. Native has unstable friendship. His friendship with higher status person. He will make money with his friends circle. He may has very good name and fame and popular among his friends circle.

7) Native has very good materialistic happiness. He will enjoy the comfort of vehicles, home, servants etc. He has good happiness through children.

8) His father may be popular person. Father health may be not good. Father may earn good wealth via own self efforts. His elder brother may be fortunate and wealthy.

9) Native may be suffering from cold and cough and berthing issues.

10) If you want to know more about Scorpion Ascendant then read this link.

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