Venus And Ketu Conjunction

Effect of Venus and Ketu Conjunction

1)Venus and ketu may has opposite significant to each other so for a common man, this combination is not consider good.

2) Native may be suffering from financial crisis. Native may be facing frequently financial loss.

3) Native may be sensual by nature but having lack of marriage happiness. Native may be facing some sort of difficulty in marriage. This combination may cause for delay in marriage. Venus and ketu conjunction may cause for divorce or separation with wife.

4) Native’s wife may be belong to small town or village or belongs to some alter place. Wife may be inclined towards gathering money. She will not like to expense money even in very genuine matters. Wife may be religious in nature.

5)Native may has dispute with wife. Native’s wife may has quarrelsome by nature. She may be argumentative. Native may has sexual discomfort with his wife.

6) In first part of life, native may be sensual by nature, later he may be detached with materialistic things. And native may be move towards spiritual world. Native may be getting some secret knowledge in spirituality. Native may be devote of Shivshakti and lord Ganesha.

7)Native’s maternal grandfather may be rich and wealthy person.

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  1. Please say about the marriage life for Libra Ascendant if Jupiter in12, Mars in 11, Sun in 10, Mercury in 9, venus and Ketu in 8, Saturn in 5, Moon in 1 house

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