Moon In Third House For Libra Ascendant

Moon in 3rd house in Sagittarius sign for Libra Ascendant

1)Before knowing the effect of Moon in 3rd house in Sagittarius sign for Libra ascendant we have to know about Moon in 3rd house, Moon in Sagittarius sign and 10th house lord in 3rd house.

2) Native may be brave and courageous. Native may has very good mental strength. Native has very good imagination power. He may gets success in any creative work. Native has very good sense of humors.

3) Native’s younger siblings may has get good success in his life. His siblings may be competitor in his profession.

4)Native may be very ambitious. Native will get good success in his business. Native will be aimed towards own goal. He never satisfied regarding own achievement. He will getting success in his life by own self efforts and hard work. Native may be in profession related to communication.

5) Native may be sensual. He may be rigid and quickly getting angry. He may be independent by nature. Native may be fully energetic regarding own duties.

6) Native’s mother health may be weak. His mother may be religious. Native may has many short distance travelling.

7)Native may be broad minded and philosopher. Native has very clear thoughts on any matters. Native may be religious and charitable.

8)Native may be truthful. He may be very frank and hurtful speaker. He may be harsh in arguments. Native will crushed his enemies.

9) Native may be popular among own circle. Native may be famous for his communicating styles.

10) If you want to know more about Libra ascendant then read this link.

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