Moon And Ketu Conjunction

Effect Of Moon and Ketu Conjunction

1)Moon and ketu conjunction is consider worst conjunction. It is known as grahan dosh.

2)Native may has very panic nature. He has unnecessary concentric mind, means taking high level stress for any matters. He has very huge false ego.

3)Native may be suffering from mental stress. He may be suffering from depression. He can harm own self due to his excess emotions. As per as classical this combination may gives suicidal thoughts.

4)Native may be suffering from high blood pressure. Native may be suffering from worms. Native may be suffering from blood infection which may cause for skin rashes or pimples or other such type of issues. Native may be suffering from dehydration or lack of water level in body due to excess body heat.

5)Native’s mother may has health issues. His mother may be spiritual lady. Native may has lack of happiness of mother and mother land. Native may has lack of domestic happiness.

6) Native’s maternal grand mother may has spiritual inclinations. Maternal grandfather may change his place. He may face any sort of flase blaming.

7) Native may be short temper and suddenly exploded to any body.

8) Native has fair look. But he may be suffering from any cuts or wounds.

9) Native may has to worship lord Ganesha with lord shiva to avoid above evil effect.

21 thoughts on “Moon And Ketu Conjunction

  1. Hello my daughter has moon n ketu in 9th house in aeries sign could you please describe abt this …2/7/2013 ilkal Karnataka 11:14am🙏

    1. Don’t worry. She has good future.Do (with her) pooja to lord Ganesha with Durva Grass ( Bermuda Grass ) in Kannada garike from her on Tuesday.
      Confirm these true or not. Her father is short temper, aggressive person .There is always communication misunderstanding with friends. Reply for this.

  2. Hello, my daughter has moon n ketu conjunction in 3rd house. Her DOB is 10th March 2004. She wants to be a judge. Will she be successful? Please reply…

  3. Dear Pankaj ji, i have seen my kundli in which moon & ketu is in same house. What does it mean? I seem to be making wrong choices again & again and repent always. Is it due to this combination? I am Alok 02 december 1976, 19.40 pm Delhi born.
    Thanks and will reply whatever you want to know.

    1. Hi, I have moon and ketu conjunction in my 12th house in gemini sign. I come up with too many ideas to accomplish but after few days of starting it, my mind doesn’t see worth in it and I lose interest. What to do.?

  4. Dear Panjkaj Sir

    My Daughter has Moon in 8th House and Mars Saturn in 2nd House . Time 12:17 PM , Place Chandigarh , 30 July 2016 . I am worried coz every astrologer has scared me for her kundli’s planet placement . Kindly help .

    1. Hello dear Pankaj ji,
      I have Moon and Ketu conjuction in 12th house Leo, Dhanishtha Nakshtra,
      Dob: 3-4-1997
      Time: 6:54pm IST
      Place: Bhilai, Chhattisgarh,India

  5. Hello from Los Angeles,

    Wonderful write up on moon ketu conjunction.

    Is it bad for someone to have moon ketu conjunction in 7th, in Mula Nakshatra?

  6. sir kindly tell me one thing i have ketu moon conjuction in 8 house in taurus rohini nakshtra moon is approx 24 degres and ketu 21 devrees i heard ketu debilated here i have habbit of constant thinking and have unknown fear but i think my mind is in my control i came out thinking after some time kindly tell my strengyhs and weakness

  7. Hi Sir….A friend of mine having kumbh lagna,moon n ketu in 6th house of cancer and is running moon’s mahadasha till 2025.He has a phobia of going to any hospital.How will be his remaining mahadasha period of moon..his details are Monish sharma 23/10/1970, 16:10 at fazilka punjab….thanks…

  8. Wow!! I born on same day, i also have mars & ketu conjunction in 7th house Aries.
    Dob- 30/07/1994
    Time- 12:03 pm
    Place- Asansol, West Bengal

  9. Hello sir Namaste,

    My sons details

    DOB : 3-11-1988
    TIME : 08:20 PM

    My son has KETU + MOON IN 3rd house with Magha Nakshatra. He says he is heart broken many times in his life .. He says he treated badly in friend circles, ignored, not loved enough, even from family side, he keeps silence but lives fully streesed.. He says his life is meaningless as nothing happed of his wants in this world, he sais he has done no wrong from his end as he only wanted love n care from all but nothing he got. . He is suffuring a lot internally too.

    I am very very worried.. Pls find a solution for him .. Sir.

    Thanku sir
    : 9957173502.

  10. Hi, My kid horoscope has moon and ketu conjuction in 12th house. His rashi is meen ( pisces ). 12th house is aspected by jupiter from 4th house. His speech is delayed and he has very curious mind. Lot of energy but mind does not stays at one things. seems to have unknown fear and phobia from few things. He is good in visual learning and has sharp memory. How will he do in future ? I am very worried parent.

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