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Jupiter And Ketu Conjunction

Effect Of Jupiter And Ketu Conjunction

1) Jupiter and Ketu yoga is known as Ganesha Yoga. It is consider auspicious for knowledge purpose.

2) Native may be knowledgeable person. He may be expert in any sort of extraordinary matters. He may be very concentrate towards any matters. He may be making panic or issues for a small matters.

3) Native may be spiritual person. Native may be inclined towards libations. He may be inclined towards kundalini sakti.

4) Native may be charitable. He may be show off that he is not interested in materialistic world. He may be not able to accumulate wealth due to his helping nature.

5) Native may be famous. He may be little egoistic. He may be full with self proudness.

6) Native may has health issues. He may has issues regarding child birth. He may be facing issues regarding dumbness. He may be facing issues in smelling. He may be facing paralysis in later stage of life.

7) His maternal grand father may be reputed person in the society.

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