Moon In Fourth House For Leo Ascendant

Moon in 4th house in Scorpion sign for Leo ascendant 

1)Before knowing the effect of Moon in 4th house in Scorpion sign for Leo ascendant, we have to know about Moon in 4th house, Moon in scorpion sign and 12th house lord in 4th house.

2) Native may be brave, passionate, and sincere in nature. He has sharp sense and intelligent. He may be honest and truthful. But he may has harsh speech. He may be proudly by nature.

3) Native may be emotional. He may be easily turn serious. He may be short in temper. He may be jealous in nature. He has hidden attitude and having hidden secrets in his personality. Some time due to emotions he can take self destructive actions.

4) Native may be good strategies maker. He is hard worker and motivated towards own goal. He has ability to make profits in future from today loss. He has nature to cross check any matters. He has tendency to find root cause of any matters.

5) Native is shameless in promoting own self. He has suspicious nature. He has faithful friends. He has good friends circle. He has good name and fame among public. He is natural leader. But he has tendency to criticize the Government. He may facing some sort of issues due to government.

6) Native may be argumentative and quarrelsome from mind. Native may be more violentic when he is angry. He may be very dangerous enemy to others. He may be sensual by nature. He may be political minded. He may be taking unnecessary worriers and mental stress. His mind is restless. He may be imaginative from mind.

7) His mother may has health issues. Native may has some sorts of issues with his mother. Such as some sorts of discomfort with mother and thoughts differences with mother is possible. He can leave his mother land. He has many sorts of travelings.

8)He has good materialistic happiness. Even all comfort are accumulated with own efforts.But he may be rarely able to enjoying all comforts. Such as he has comfort of vehicles but his vehicles has frequently suffering from issues. He may be facing dispute regarding property. He has lack of domestic happiness.

9) He has good learning capacity. He may has some sort of issues in his educations. He may be suffering from cold and cough related issues. He may has issues related to lungs or blood pressure.

10) If you want to know about Leo ascendant then read this link.

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